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I am honored to welcome you to the Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality at the University of Tabuk. The university was established to foresee the promising future of the Saudi coasts on the Red Sea, which has become teeming with mega tourism and hotel projects aimed at attracting both domestic and international tourism.  The initiative of the University of Tabuk to establish this faculty came to keep pace with the rapid development in the Saudi tourism sector by providing qualified national competencies capable of working in the various professions offered by this promising national sector.
Since its inception, the faculty has been keen to build its programs in accordance with international standards, benefiting from the distinctive international experiences in this framework. Therefore, a close partnership has been created with the University of Hong Kong Polytechnic, the leader in the world in the domain of tourism and hotel education, to expand and promote the faculty's programs to achieve the ultimate purpose behind its establishment.
The Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality aspires to excel in its educational programs based on the deep partnership launched with various sectors and projects related to tourism and hotel businesses. The faculty derives its strategy from the Kingdom's Vision 2030 to achieve the desired shift that our dear homeland aspires to.
Allah bestows success.
Dr. Abdullah Shater

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The University of Tabuk Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality was established based on the decision of the Council of Universities' Affairs in its first session on 20/7/1441 AH, in recognition of the significance of the tourism and hospitality sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Tabuk region. The maritime coasts of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are witnessing a pioneering renaissance through the launch of several strategic projects meeting the needs of the Saudi market professionally and functionally under the Kingdom's Vision 2030 based on increasing the tourism sector’s contribution to gross domestic product. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is loaded with multiple tourist attractions (natural, heritage, historical and archaeological) capable of competing in the tourism and entertainment labor market; as well as highlighting their importance locally and globally.


Entrepreneurship in tourism and hotel education locally and globally.


To provide quality education in the tourism and hospitality domains to prepare distinguished human cadres and build an effective partnership with various tourism and hotel sectors


• To qualify students educationally to be commensurate with the needs of strategic projects locally and globally.
• To enhance strategic leadership skills and innovative entrepreneurship.
• To provide a distinguished learning environment that contributes to achieving the distinction of the faculty's outcomes.
• To develop new educational programs in accordance with the requirements of the labor market in accordance with the best international standards.
• To promote active community participation in achieving sustainable development.

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