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Praise be to God, Lord of the worlds, and prayers and peace be upon the master of the first and the others. I am pleased and pleased in my name and in the name of all faculty members and all employees of the University College of Haql to welcome you to the college page on the university's website, as this site represents the college window to the outside world, through it you will see On the academic programs and activities of the college and the events that are provided to serve the community, hoping that you will find in them valuable information and meaningful activity that contributes to the rehabilitation and building of the personality of our sons and daughters from the college students.

The student is the focus of the educational process, its fruit, and its purpose. Preparing him to face life and its challenges in the present and the future is the primary goal that our college pursues, and based on that, the college is working on preparing a graduate who is equipped with theoretical knowledge, practical experiences and positive behaviors, and has the ability to employ them in building himself and developing his community by providing high-quality education that contributes to developing the level of academic services Provided to students, improving and developing academic programs in line with the need of the labor market.

In view of the distinguished efforts made by the university administration in order to achieve the National Vision 2030 and the National Transformation Program 2020, the college is keen to subject all educational process concerns to it for periodic review in accordance with scientific quality controls approved locally and internationally.

The University College of Haql in the boys 'and girls' section includes several scientific departments: the Islamic Studies Department, the English Language Department, the Computer Department, the Biology Department (boys), and the Mathematics Department (Girls). All of them award a bachelor's degree.

In conclusion, I call on my colleagues to be all at the level of responsibility, and work in the spirit of one team, and we invite our students to take advantage of all the capabilities available to serve them to be able to carry the message and achieve the vision of the college and university, and serve themselves and their homelands, and their nation and we are all alone in that is the saying of God Almighty and saying Work, and God will see your work, His Messenger and the believers. Our beloved Muhammad, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, said: “God loves if one of you does a work to be good at it.”


Dr. Mohammed bin Ahmed Zoghaibi


The start of the establishment of the University College of Haql was a result of the restructuring of the College of Health Sciences for Girls in Tabuk, and it was administratively, financially and academically attached to the University of Tabuk according to the Higher Education Council Decision No. Concerning the approval of its restructuring and establishment of the University College in Haql after the approval of the High Commissioner by Telegraphic Directive No. 5088 / M B on 7/8/1432 AH and based on the High Instructions to expand the establishment of colleges in the various governorates of the Kingdom, the University College was established in the field (female section) at the beginning of the year The university 1430-1431 AH, to grant its students a bachelor’s degree in four basic departments, namely / (Islamic Studies Department - Mathematics Department - English Language Department - Computer Science Department). (721) female students are taught in various departments and an integrated team of specialists and academics is based on this. Distinguished students in the field of education, as well as a group of administrators and administrators in charge of administrative work in the college. With the community to achieve goals and reach them.


Achieving distinction in education and research, and to contribute in serving the community.


The student is the focal point of the college’s mission within providing an excellent education, qualifying the cadre, providing knowledge and skills, doing inventive pieces of research to meet the demands of the community and marketplace, as well as achieving sustainable development in a teaching environment that supports innovation and learning.


* Quality and excellence.
* Work as one team.
* Creativity and innovation.
* Transparency and accountability.
Value :
* Innovation
* Sustainability
* Collaboration
* Excellence

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