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The university paid great attention to scientific research; As one of the most important pillars that advance the university and society. This was evidenced by the issuance of His Excellency the President of the University, in 1428 AH, to establish a Research and Consulting Unit. To start overseeing the support of scientific research funded by the university, and implementing the procedures for that, and the Research Unit began practicing its tasks according to a vision and mission aimed at sponsoring scientific research and developing it according to the easiest and fastest procedures. To serve the development of scientific research at the university. The unit, which became at the end of the second year of its life 1430 AH within the Deanship, has succeeded in achieving many accomplishments represented in preparing models organizing procedures for research support, designing computer programs for presenting and refereeing research, providing an information bank on scientific publishing for members of the university faculty and creating A large database of arbitrators and it is continuously fed.


"Achieving research excellence locally and regionally."


Supporting creative research that contributes to developing the local community and building a knowledge economy.


Quality and excellence, teamwork, honesty and respect, creativity and innovation, leadership and responsibility, transparency and accountability, and social responsibility.

Laws and Regulations

Regulation Name \ System Download
General Terms and Conditions for the University-Funded Research Projects 2023
Definitions of Scientific Research Budget Items for Funded Research Projects for the Year 2022 and Earlier
General Terms and Conditions for the University-Funded Research Projects 2023
Procedures and Guidelines for the University-Funded Research Projects 2023
Deanship Regulations-1443
Establishing the Targeted Research group
Funding Program Announcement 2021
Deanship Regulations-1442
Funding Regulations 1441
Internal Laws and Regulations for Institutional Funding Program

Organization Structure

Dean's word

On behalf of the members of the Deanship of Scientific Research at the University of Tabuk, I would like to welcome you to the website of the Deanship, hoping that you will find all the information that interests you within the various scientific research domains. Our goal in the deanship is to make all facilities and services available for faculty members and researchers. In the deanship, we continuously seek, as a working team, to establish strategic priority projects to advance the research movement and enhance the university's reputation locally and internationally, by strengthening research partnerships, investing in research and innovation, and exchanging expertise and experiences between scientific research institutions locally and globally.
Dean Dr. Othman Alzahrani





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تسهيل مهمه باحث من خارج الجامعة

Research Facilitation Request

نموذج تعهد مالي بالمبالغ الزائدة

نموذج تقرير متابعة مشروع بحثي

Research project progress report

Research Project Modification Form

نموذج تسهيل مهمة باحث - انجليزي

Research project extension form

Solidarity Form for Equipment Purchase

A Form of Commitment to Pay the Fees of Project Consultants and Co-investigators

Achievements of the Deanship

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