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"An attractive office environment, whose contribution to community service."


"Providing excellent knowledge services to support the educational, research process and society"


The first objective: to enhance the educational and research process at the university. The second goal: to develop the infrastructure and technology for the central library and branch libraries. The third goal: to improve the performance of employees and develop their skills. Fourth goal: to contribute to community service.

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Praise be to God, Lord of the Worlds, and may blessings and peace be upon our Master Muhammad, may the best prayers and peace be upon him. The Deanship of Library Affairs derives its message from the university’s mission, so that Tabuk University libraries provide advanced information services by collecting, organizing and disseminating information, enriching and improving access to sources Information and its availability to raise the efficiency and quality of the educational and research process, serve the university’s employees and the community, meet their information needs and achieve their satisfaction, and support the transition to advanced electronic services, starting with the Deanship’s website through the library management systems (Symphony) system, subscribing to the services of the Saudi Digital Library and making available The necessary forms for the beneficiaries' services electronically to shorten the effort and time and make available on-site questionnaires in order to measure the satisfaction of the beneficiaries. We hope that the services provided by the Deanship will be a true reflection of our ambition and our desires to highlight the Deanship in its best possible way.
Dean Doctor: Muhammad bin Awad Al-Asmari





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