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Student Disciplinary Committee

First: Formation of the Committee
The Standing Committee for Disciplining Students at the University College is formed as follows :
* Dean of the College as President.
* College Vice Dean as a member.
* Head of the Department of Islamic Studies as a member.
* Head of the relevant department to which the student belongs as a member.
* Student Affairs Unit Supervisor, member.
* Committee Secretary.

Second: Description of the Committee:
The Committee assumes its duties in accordance with the provisions of the Student Disciplinary Regulations at the University of Tabuk, where the Committee submits the minutes of its meetings to the Dean of the College for approval.
Third: The organizational liaison of the committee:
The committee is organizationally affiliated with the Academic Affairs Unit of the college.​
Fourth : Objectives and tasks of the committee:
* Control the behavior of students and the like inside the college or any of its facilities.
Reclamation of violating students and treating their behavior with the available educational methods.
Imposing disciplinary penalties on students who violate the rules and regulations in force at the university.
* Considering the violations referred by the college vice dean, department heads, or faculty members at the college.
* Follow-up the implementation of disciplinary penalties for violating students.
* Submitting its decisions to the Dean of the College for submission to the relevant authority at the university.


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