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The tremendous progress that has been achieved in the field of electronic services worldwide and the speed of development in the information technology sector, is today one of the most important factors that help in the development of the educational process and scientific research, and it has a great role in the establishment of educational institutions at the university level and the main indicator indicating the progress and capacity of these institutions To achieve its goals.
In recent years, Saudi universities have occupied a prominent position in information technology by incorporating elements of that technology into their educational curricula, as well as the accompanying qualification of national cadres in various electronic fields to keep pace with what has been developed globally in terms of new and successive methods in the fields of technology.
And the University of Tabuk, as part of the higher education system in the Kingdom, and its keenness to occupy a prominent position among universities, and to excel in its educational and research programs in all scientific fields, it was necessary for it to provide information technology services to develop the capabilities of its members of the faculty, administrators, technicians, students, and students In the field of computers, in order to inform them of the latest information and scientific research, and to communicate through electronic services, so the university administration decided to establish a unit at the university called (Information Technology Unit) that is linked to the university’s agent and supervises all the work, information and electronic services that it will provide to the university’s employees.
The Deanship of Information Technology began its work as a unit under the decision of His Excellency the President of the University No. (3 / Q / 428) dated (1/12/1428 AH) with the aim of providing technical and electronic services and providing electronic systems for all sectors and employees of the university. The Deanship of Information Technology aims to support the march The university through the automation of academic and administrative work so that the computer is the backbone of the academic and administrative system at the university.

  Within four years, steps towards achieving the desired goal were accelerated with each of the building blocks of achievement for the University of Tabuk, and this was translated with the approval of the Honorable Higher Education Council under Resolution No. (19/63/1432 AH) taken in its session No. (63) held on Sunday (3/24) / 1432 AH) to convert the unit into a deanship to perform its role - God willing - in proportion to the position of Tabuk University among the universities of the Kingdom


A distinguished university environment with integrated technological solutions.


"Providing high-quality integrated technology solutions to the university community."


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Welcome all to the Deanship of Information Technology at University of Tabuk. The tremendous progress achieved in the field of electronic services in the world and the speed of development in IT Unit is one of the most important assisting factors in the development of the educational process and scientific research. It has a tremendous role in the educational foundations at the university's level, but the main point is; the progress of these institution and the ability to achieve its goals. In recent years, the Saudi Universities took a prominent position in Information Technology by inserting technical items within its curricula, as well as, qualifying national cadres in the various electronic fields to keep pace with the global development in technology.
Dean Doctor: Khaled Al-Mohammadi





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