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number Department​E-mail​
Dr. Mohamad ahmad Zghebi​

The Dean​​
Dr. Faihan Naif Almutairi​​​
5257​Vice Dean for Educational Affairs​​​​
Dr. Hanan Ali Al Atawi
Vice Dean​
Dr. Mishary homed al dawaihi​
Vice Dean for Development and Quality​​​
Dr. El hechmi shili​
Supervisor of Computer Science​ Department​​​​​​
 Dr.Dheifallah Hussein Altamimi
Head of the Languages and Translation Department​
​​Dr.Odai Mohammad Ahmad​
 Supervisor​ of Management Information Systems Department​​​​​
Dr. Mazen Atiah AL Solami​
Head of Department of Biology
​Dr. Mohammad Jomah Al Omrani​
Head of the Basic Sciences Department
Dr.Sami Kouki
Basic Sciences​
Dr. Ismail Y. Abushalfeh
5224Basic Sciences Department
​Dr. Mosaad Abdelsalam
5235Basic Sciences
​Dr. Hawemal Muhaesn Al Emrani
5244​Basic Sciences Department
​Dr. Ali Mohamed Abunayeb
Basic Sciences Department​
Dr.abdou Rifaei khaled​
Basic Sciences Department​​
​Dr. Khalaf M. Al Hussaen​
Biology ​Depa​rtment​ - male  section​​​​
​Dr. Mohammad N​asser Khan​​​
5272​Biology ​Department​ - male  section​​​​​
​Dr. AL Sharif Sharif​​
Computer Science​ Department​​​​​​​​
Mr.​​Ali Abdalla Nour​
Languages and Translation Department​
Dr.​​Ahmed Khider Ahmed Othman​
Languages and Translation Department​​​
Mr.​Bader Olaian Al Shamari​
Languages and Translation Department​
​​Bader Suwailem Awaid Alnawmasi​5264​
Languages and Translation Department​
​​Mr. Eid Sobhi Al Atawi​5250
Management Information Systems Department​​
​Mr. Thamer Mohammed Al Balawi
5255​administration manager​
​Mr.Raed Qassim Al Atawi
5225​University​ College of Haql​​
​Mr.Naif frej Al Omrani
5226​University​ College of Haql​​​
​Mr.Khaled Holail Al Omrani
5263​University​ College of​
Mr.Khaled Soliman Al Omrani​
5229​University​ College of Haql​​
​Mr.Abdalmajeed al Rayes​
University​ College of Haql​​
​Mr.Khder Mohamad Al Omrani​
5230​University​ College of Haql​​
​Mr.Sultan Ali A​l Omrani​
University​ College of Haql​-​
Mr.Maher atiah al hawaiti​
5216​University​ College of Haql​​
​Mr.Ahmad Al juhani​
5261​University​ College of Haql​​​​