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​​​​Biology Is One Of The Most Important Sciences Which Have Applications In Various Aspects Of Our Life. This Science Deals With The Different Living Organisms And Their Environments As Well As The Relationship With Each Other. In The Current Era Scientists Could Make The Most Of The Scientific Discoveries Depending On Biology. The Length Of The Study Plan To Be Vocabulary Curricula According To The Recent Scientific Information Derived From Contemporary References And The Focus Was On The Type And Not On Quantity. Curriculum Should Be Consistent With The Needs Of The Labor Market. There Are Many Areas In Which The Graduate Can Join, For Example, Teaching Biology In Public Education, Working In Universities, Academic .Researchers Or Technicians Or Work In The Ministry Of Agriculture, Livestock And Others :Growing .The Biology Department Was Established In The Academic Year 1435 1436 Ah 2014 2015 Ad

Word of The Director

In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful. Praise be to God, and prayers and peace be upon the Messenger of God. As for what follows..... The Biology Department is one of the important and vital departments in the College of Science and our belief in the value and importance of science as a basic base in building all advanced societies and those that rise to advancement. The department has been keen since its establishment To provide the community with a distinguished quality of graduates who enjoy a high academic level and an academic background that combines the required basic knowledge and skills, so that the student graduates with a basic and diversified outcome that helps him to compete in the labor market in related fields, or to complete his higher studies. Biology is interested in studying living organisms at all levels The department awards a bachelor's degree in biology, and the department is honored by the presence of a selection of faculty members with distinguished qualifications and experiences. Education, scientific research and community service in particular, the department is also keen to deepen the modern concept of knowledge in the fields of brain biology at the same time, while adhering to the preservation of morals, values and religious constants, the Biology Department contributes to the performance of the academic mission that the college aspires to.

Head of the Biology Department

​​​Dr. Mazen atiah AL Solami    ​​


A Leading And Innovative Department In Education, Scientific Research And Qualification Of Competencies To Serve The Community​


The Biology Department Offers Excellent Opportunities For Innovative Scientific Research And The Preparation Of Graduates Who Are Scientifically Qualified And Competent In The Service


*Meet With The Needs Of The Region And The Kingdom Of Qualified National Cadres Majoring In Biology 
*Meet With The Needs Of The Region And The Kingdom Of The Scientific Research And Applied Studies Related To Science And Biology Abreast Of The Latest Scientific Developments .
*Provide Scientific And Technical Services In Various Areas Of Both.The Public And Civil Sections Provide 
*The Best Services To The Employees Of The Section Of The Faculty Members And Assistants, As .Well As Students .
*Contribute To Community Service Through Different Means 
*Keep Pace With Scientific Development In Various Fields And Through Access To The Latest Hardware And Equipment In The Areas Of Biology That Depend On Nanotechnology .
*Contribute To The Preservation Of The Environment Through The Study Of Pollutants And Their Impact .On Living Organisms And The Means To Resist Pollution.

​Dr. Mazen atiah AL Solami

​Department Supervisor​ - ​​​Faculty member- Associate Professor​

​Dr. Khalaf M. Al Hussaen

​​Faculty member- Associate Professor​

Dr. Momen sayed Ahmed

​Faculty member- Assistant Professor​

Dr.Mohammad Nasser khan

​​Faculty member- Assistant Professor

​Dr. Riyadh abo baker basahi

​Faculty member- Associate Professor​

  • ​Kingdom of Saudi Arabia - Tabuk Region - Haql Governorate 49932​​

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  • 0144565211

Directory of Department of Biology