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All thanks go to Allah who taught by the pen -Taught man that he knew not, and prayers and peace be upon our prophet and his family and companions. In light of educational policies and future visions of developmental plans in Saudi Arabia led by the custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud – May Allah bless him-, it is necessary to work hard on solid foundations, facts and transparency. 
Believing in the importance of the role of the University of Tabuk Vice-presidency in contributing to advancing progress and achieving the university's vision, mission and goals, the University Vice-Presidency is working hard to improve the efficiency of administrative and technical performance in its departments; with the support and guidance of the university's president, Prof. Abdullah M. Althiabi.
Development is considered one of the pillars of the University's strategic plan required for the current and future phases, which aims to contribute to realising Saudi Arabia's vision (2030).
I warmly welcome you, our dear visitors, to the university's website to introduce you to the university Vice-Presidency, its departments, its tasks, and the guides to procedures and forms dedicated to completing all relevant dealings.
I ask Allah the Almighty for sincerity in our say and act.

Dr. Saleh bin Hamed al-Harbi

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The agency has been established since the university was established, as it is considered one of the important agencies that aims to provide support and assistance to the educational process, by taking care of administrative, financial and service affairs and everything related to the infrastructure and related work and tasks at all levels, in addition to working to improve and develop all Electronic procedures, in order to achieve the desired goals of accuracy, speed in delivery, and ease of access to the services provided.


Excellence in quality assurance practices, development and community service


Continuous administrative development and optimal investment of financial and administrative resources in order to develop infrastructure and improve service provision in cooperation with partners.


1- Development and construction of university facilities.
2- Development of the physical infrastructure of all university facilities.
3- Development of services provided to university employees.
4- Enhancing the principles of governance at the university.
5- Effective administrative development of university units.
6- Developing the academic, administrative and technical skills of the university's cadres.
7- Diversifying sources of income for the university.
8- Improving financial efficiency.

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Name: Dr. Saleh bin Hamid Hamdan Al-Harbi




Teamwork Honesty and honesty commitment and responsibility Clarity and transparency Justice and equality Creativity and innovation Efficiency and effectiveness
Loyalty and Belonging, Quality, Excellence, Effective Leadership


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