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​​​​​The General Administration of Educational Services was established by a decision of His Excellency the Rector of the University No. 32/52/30079 dated 23/5/1433 AH. In its mission, the University of Tabuk aspires to excellence in its educational support programs. Therefore, the General Administration of Educational Support Services has set goals and mechanisms that guarantee and assist To achieve achievement and distinction, and to constantly strive to achieve the university's mission.

Word of The Director

​In its mission, the University of Tabuk looks forward to distinguished excellence in its educational and research programs, its supportive educational services and the level of its graduates. Therefore, the appropriate conditions must be created for male and female students to benefit from the best educational services at the university and to achieve the desired university mission.

One of the most important basic factors to reach this end is the presence of classrooms, devices, and auxiliary and equipped departments that guarantee distinctive productivity.
Given the number of educational bodies at the university, whether faculties or sectors of a scientific nature, the diversity of their specializations and scientific programs, and the absence of a clear and specific mechanism to follow up on educational services and their needs.
From this point of view and in order to achieve the goals and policies of the university, it has become necessary to have an administration concerned with educational services in order to form the auxiliary mechanisms that ensure the achievement of excellence and linking them to mechanisms provided by specific bodies in the university.
 Director of Educational Services Department

Hussein bin Salem Zubaidi


​Providing the best technologies and teaching aids in the classroom, and equipping laboratories and laboratories with the latest equipment and materials.


​Upgrading the educational process, developing educational technologies and teaching aids in classrooms, laboratories, and laboratories, and providing services that are characterized by sustainability and optimal use of resources to meet the needs of the university and its future plans, while diversifying modern methods in the educational process.​​


​1. Defining the department's mission, vision and objectives and working to achieve them.

2. Providing the best and latest educational means for classrooms and laboratories and creating a competitive and encouraging learning environment.

3. Providing the best and latest scientific equipment and chemicals (teaching and research) for laboratories and laboratories in scientific faculties.

4. Developing and improving the performance of office machines at the university, and proposing and finding a clear mechanism and a specific methodology for that, in coordination with the relevant authorities.

5. Improving the quality of services provided to all parties.

Director of the General Administration of Educational Services


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Machine maintenance technician


​Administrative Assistant


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