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It is an executive public administration that facilitates the tasks and specializations of the Scientific Council and its permanent and temporary committees affiliated to it through direct supervision of all affairs related to it and belonging to it and its affiliates, including faculty members, employees, and other external bodies


Developing the scientific and research activities of the faculty members and those of similar status at the university and elevating it to the ranks of the most prestigious international universities


Follow up on the scientific affairs of the university's faculty members, and the affairs of scientific research, studies, publishing and scientific promotion


Developing relevant regulations and systems to contribute to advancing sober scientific research, raising its level in quantity and quality, and spreading the culture of excellence in scientific performance.

Strengthening the partnership between universities and different sectors of higher education

Strengthening the partnership between the university and the community

Protect the rights of faculty members related to the work of the Scientific Council

Effective use of information and communication technologies to facilitate and speed up the Council’s transactions

Unit Manager

Praise be to God and prayer and peace be upon the Messenger of Allah. Since the establishment of the Scientific Council Affairs Administration, it has been carrying out its executive role towards achieving the highest standards of higher education through professional efforts that are consistent with the aspirations of the wise leadership and the university administration represented by the University President and His Excellency the Vice President for Postgraduate Studies and Scientific Research
Since the first day, we are aware of the importance of the management role as an important part of Tabuk University to provide the best service to the community on the one hand, and the faculty members and the like on the other hand. Our primary concern is the application of higher education standards related to the affairs of the Scientific Council, including bylaws and regulations, to achieve aspirations for Tabuk University to be this lofty educational edifice in the ranks of leading and international universities.

The Scientific Council Affairs Administration website has been designed to meet the needs of the honorable visitor, whether he is a faculty member and those of similar rank inside and outside the Kingdom, or who is interested in matters related to the tasks of the administration.

On the sides of the site you will find all the data, information and forms that interest you. We very much welcome every inquiry and question that comes to us, whether by honoring you to the management or through the means of communication available on the site. We promise you a comprehensive and permanent development to meet your aspirations. We ask God Almighty to help us to attain the honor and satisfaction of your service, so we are only part of you and you.

Director of the Scientific Council Affairs Department
Secretary of the Standing Committee for Academic Promotions
Fayez bin Ghazi Al-Adaa

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