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The Academic Publication Department was established by the decision of His Excellency the President of the University No. 352/052/11724 H, dated 2/9/1435 AH, upon the request of His Excellency the Vice-Rector for Postgraduate Studies and Scientific Research.

Definition of management:

The Department of Scientific Publishing is linked to the University's Agency for Postgraduate Studies and Scientific Research and is considered an executive body for everything related to the publications of scientific publishing, translation, printing, marketing, administrative, financial and service tasks for the technical preparation of all publications and publications recommended by the Permanent Publication Committee and approved by the Scientific Council, and their delivery to the beneficiaries through the latest paper publishing techniques And the electronic and the various distribution channels of gift, sale, subscriptions, local, Arab and international exhibitions and others.

The department is concerned with publishing scientific and knowledge production, in accordance with international standards for publication, editing, documentation and printing. The administration publishes the publications that the Scientific Council authorizes to publish, and all publishing work at the university is done by the Permanent Committee for Scientific Publishing and the Scientific Publishing Department

The Department's publications vary such as: textbooks, reference books, translated books, literary books, and scientific dissertations (masters and doctoral degrees) and others.

Administration Headquarters:

College of Medicine building - University Vice Presidency for Postgraduate Studies and Scientific Research -

Entrance No. (2) The first countries, Office No. 1-224-125


Excellence in scientific and cognitive publishing to contribute to the university and community service.


Publishing and printing scientific and knowledge production using the latest publishing standards and techniques to achieve the university's goals.


1- Contribute to spreading science and knowledge in all fields.
2- Supporting, encouraging and motivating specialists and those interested in disseminating science and knowledge in the field of authorship, investigation, translation and others.
3- Providing distinguished scientific and knowledge production that meets the needs of the university and society.
4- Publishing, printing and marketing publications of scientific and knowledge production and translated books.

Unit Manager

Praise be to God, and may blessings and peace be upon the most honorable of the prophets, the Messenger of God, Muhammad bin Abdullah, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, his honorable family and companions, and those who followed them with charity until the Day of Judgment.

    The University of Tabuk seeks to achieve excellence in education, research, and the dissemination of scientific and intellectual production. To carry out its duty towards science, knowledge, society and scientific cultural interaction through translation, which is one of the tributaries of civilization in human history.

     In the interest of the Vice-Rector for Postgraduate Studies and Scientific Research, to pay attention to scientific publishing and translation, the Scientific Publishing Department was established with the approval of His Excellency the President of the University, in line with the vision, mission and goals of the university in the field of disseminating science, literature and human sciences.

      You will find, God willing, on the administration’s website all the requirements for scientific publishing and translation. We are also pleased to answer any inquiry through the means of communication available to the department’s employees. The information will be updated from time to time according to the variables.

. God grants success .


Director of the Scientific Publishing Department

Ghadian bin Mashhan Al-Wabsi

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