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The Promotion Committee is concerned with the procedures for the promotions of faculty members at the university, and the University Agency for Postgraduate Studies and Scientific Research has designed an electronic program to apply for the committee’s services, allowing a faculty member to apply online to the committee and follow up on his status.


1- Receiving the scientific promotion requests received from the Chairman of the Scientific Council to study and audit them according to the rules, regulations and procedures governing them, and submit recommendations in preparation for presentation to the Scientific Council.

2- Preparing a report for the Scientific Council on every scientific promotion application that includes information about the applicant and indicating that they have fulfilled their conditions and regulations, and suggesting the names of the referees to examine his scientific production.

3- Submitting studies and proposals for the development of laws, regulations and work mechanisms related to the scientific and research affairs, topics, and activities of the Scientific Council.

4- Study any other topics referred to it by the Chairman of the Scientific Council.

5- The committee submits the minutes of its meetings to the Chairman of the Scientific Council for approval.

6- This committee deals with the treatment of standing committees according to the applicable system.

Unit Manager

The university professor aspires to reach the highest scientific ranks and the Scientific Promotion Committee is the one who practices the systems of scientific promotion in the fastest and easiest way, taking into account transparency, fairness, accuracy and international scientific standards in promoting faculty members to associate professor or professor in accordance with the regulations governing the Council of Higher Education and Universities, And it seeks quality and automation in its transactions to the satisfaction of the applicant.

We ask God Almighty to help everyone.


Dr. Ali bin Hassan Al-Qarni

Chairman of the Standing Committee for Academic Promotion

Phone: Ext 1415

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plagiarism check process
Executive rules for scientific promotions
Regulations governing the affairs of Saudi universities' staff, who are faculty members and those of similar status (scientific promotions)


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