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The College Vice Deanship for Postgraduate Studies and Scientific Research is the agency responsible for preparing
and developing distinguished and specialized graduate studies programs, in consultation with the heads of the various departments in the
college. The Vice Deanship also aims to create a stimulating and supportive research environment for both faculty
and students and encourage them to engage in research activities. The agency also seeks to provide
the necessary research needs, learning resources and infrastructure that allow researchers to conduct high-
quality research . According to the announced plans of both the college and the university, the College Agency for Postgraduate Studies and Scientific Research
also organizes, coordinates and supervises scholarships for teaching assistants and faculty assistants in the college and
encourages them to continue Their postgraduate studies, as well as arranging priorities for majors to fill the deficit
in the college in rare specialties.
The College Agency for Graduate Studies also oversees the admission of students to graduate programs
and changes to enrollment processes. It also sets policies, systems and procedures
for the periodic review of its programs in order to ensure that the desired goals are achieved.

Faculty members at international conferences and workshops
. In addition, the Agency oversees faculty promotions in accordance with the relevant policies
and regulations as determined by the University's Academic Council.



Creating a stimulating research environment for researchers and excellence in postgraduate programs, making the college a primary tributary to support the infrastructure in technology challenges and keep pace with the needs of the labor market and contribute to creating applied solutions


1. Cooperation and coordination between the college and the university in everything related to postgraduate studies and scientific research
2. Follow up the regulations and rules for postgraduate studies and scientific research in the college and university and the mechanism for their implementation
3. Supervising the students on scholarships and on scholarships at the college internally and externally
4. Study requests for academic promotions for faculty members in the college
5. Coordination with the Deanship of Scientific Research and research centers at the university in everything related to conducting research, obtaining support for it, and facilitating the work of researchers at the faculty.
6. Establishing and developing graduate studies programs in the college’s specializations in coordination with the departments
7. Organize and develop scientific research in the college and encourage faculty members and postgraduate students to do research
8. Establishing and supervising specialized scientific research groups in the college
9. Finding sources of funding and support for the research of faculty members to enhance the role of the college
10. Organizing, developing and supervising postgraduate programs and students

Agency agent


1- Creating an attractive, distinct and encouraging research environment for scientific research that helps develop innovation and creativity skills and contributes to solving problems facing the university and society alike.

2- Upgrading graduate studies and scientific research programs and linking them to the needs of the labor market and future challenges, in line with the university's goals for scientific research.

3- Achieving the goals of scientific research and research activities and encouraging faculty members to improve the quality of scientific research in the college by holding and organizing international conferences with an excellent reputation.

4- Encouraging postgraduate students to actively participate in scientific research by including them in the college's research groups entity.

5- Contributing to supporting the faculty capabilities by equipping laboratories and software with appropriate modern devices to create a distinctive environment for scientific research.

6- Establishing research cooperation agreements - through the Deanship of Scientific Research at the university - with other universities and establishing partnerships with enterprises in the business sectors.

7- Arranging the college’s scholarship majors' priorities to fill the deficit in the various scientific fields in the college and in line with the college’s strategic plans


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