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Praise be to God, and may blessings and peace be upon the Prophet of guidance and mercy, who won the honor

And the supreme status .. He is sent as a mercy to the worlds, and to his family and companions as a whole. As for after:

I am pleased to welcome visitors to the website of the College Agency for Development and Quality and its affiliated units at the University College in Majlis. Since its inception, the College has endeavored to improve the educational process at the highest standards of academic quality, through direct supervision on developing strategic and training plans to raise the academic level of the college and implement the goals and aspirations of Tabuk University and keep pace with For the National Education Vision 2030 and in support of its march, in building an educated generation capable of taking responsibility and making decisions in the future, providing more innovative programs and activities to enhance the educational partnership, and contributing to the creation of a generation of national competencies that have the ability to compete in the labor market, creating a societal transformation and upgrading the skills and capabilities of university education employees. . Since its inception, the Agency has sought to spread and consolidate a culture of quality among faculty members, students, and administrative staff through workshops and training courses, developing the skills of the faculty staff, and developing its programs, in order to reach a high quality of performance.

  I hope that the website visitors will find useful information. We also welcome every effort that contributes to developing the work of the agency and its units, so that ultimately this will ensure quality assurance and academic development in the college.

Vice Dean for Development and Quality

Dr. Fahd bin Hamdan Al-Abiri


The University of Tabuk was keen to keep pace with the requirements of the educational renaissance in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in light of the growing call to improve the quality of the outputs of the educational process, and from this point of view the administrative decision was issued No. 361052/87344 dated 11/22/1436 AH - 9/16/2015 AD to establish the Vice-Presidential College. Bamlaj for Development and Quality, the female section, and the agency included five units: (Academic Accreditation Unit - Quality Assurance - Training and Development - Scientific Research - Statistics and Information) and four committees: (Internal Audit Committee - Strategic Planning - Translation - Quality Ambassadors) in addition to an advisory board Keeping pace with development and quality assurance in education, through the development of academic programs and the development of performance, which paves the way for obtaining programmatic and institutional academic accreditation locally and internationally.

In 1437-1438 AH, His Excellency the University President Decision No. 37/052/76586 dated 12/17/1437 - 09/18/2016 was issued to establish the College Vice Deanship for Development and Quality at the University College in Umluj, both male and female, and the agency included a group of units and sub-committees.



The agency is committed to achieving comprehensive quality in all educational, research and administrative practices in the college, and to optimal use of all available capabilities and resources to advance the level of education, with the participation of all faculty members, to meet the needs of society and the requirements of the labor market, in accordance with quality standards and academic accreditation.


The general goal

Quality assurance and academic accreditation within the framework of the standards of the Education Evaluation Commission, the National Center for Academic Accreditation and Assessment.

strategic goals:-

The first objective: to ensure the achievement of national and international institutional and programmatic quality standards.
The second goal: developing the skills of faculty members in the college.
The third objective: continuous performance evaluation and follow-up of quality improvement processes
Fourth Objective: Continuous development of performance in various axes at the institutional level
Fifth Objective: Achieving efficiency in investing the available resources in the college

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