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The unit seeks to be a model in its inputs and procedures to achieve qualitative and distinguished performance in its outputs within the framework of the tasks and roles that fall under the dilemma of academic measurement and evaluation of students and decisions in study plans and related university programs, in line with the university’s vision based on excellence.

the message

Activating the educational measurement and evaluation roles based on clarity in vision, and developing practices based on procedural definitions of these roles, in accordance with a system of values ​​that govern the measurement and evaluation process in general and the university academic in particular, in order to achieve the requirements for improvement, development and decision-making based on reliable quantitative and qualitative data.

The objectives of the measurement and evaluation unit

The main objective that the University College Measurement and Evaluation Unit seeks to achieve is to solve the existing problems or aspects of scientific and educational deficiencies, improve immediate performance, and establish to draw up future plans with clear interim goals and strategies.
This main objective is achieved through the following sub-goals:
Provide data and information that It can enlighten faculty members and those of similar rank and administrators in improving their academic and administrative performance.
Conducting studies on the semester results of male and female students in the academic curricula of the academic departments of the faculties of the university, and providing opinions and recommendations that can contribute to achieving more objectivity and accuracy.
Conducting studies on some other phenomena related to the educational and educational process, and providing the necessary recommendations regarding them.
Knowing the students' scientific level in basic skills and abilities, and what they may undergo from change and transformation over time.
Obtaining accurate information that benefits individuals and institutions.
Determine the levels of individuals in certain traits and classify them according to these levels.
Diagnosing the educational process and discovering what it suffers from immediate problems, and what future obstacles it may encounter.
Provide counselors and trainers with information on students; It helps them in guiding them well, educationally and professionally.
· Determining the performance levels of all elements of the educational process: the teacher, the book, etc.
· Determining the effectiveness of the administrative or educational apparatus.
· Determine the availability of the necessary conditions to take a particular task in the individual.

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Praise be to God, Lord of the Worlds, who taught with a pen, taught man what he did not know. Prayer and peace be upon the best of guidance, and the people are our teacher and our leader, our master Muhammad (may God bless him and grant him peace). The
unit of measurement and evaluation gives you the best greetings and appreciation. He evaluates the unit, its organizational structure, and its team. He also explains to you the tasks of the unit, asking God Almighty to guide us to what he loves and pleases.
And the God of the intent behind

Dr. Fahd bin Hamdan Al-Abiri