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Excellence and sophistication in providing student services and creativity in managing student activities.

the message

Create an attractive university environment and stimulating activities and events that contribute to the development of the student's personality and skills, to be an active member of his community, through various programs.


Improving and developing student services by supervising many tasks that would guarantee.

  • Providing an appropriate educational environment for academic achievement.
  • Motivating students to participate in student activities.
  • Spreading the culture of community participation.
  • Activating the college’s role in community service.
The Student Affairs Unit carries out tasks related to the following topics: teller cards, complaints, grievances, deprivation lists, clearance, student disciplinary committee, monitoring violations, and following up on student activities. Follow up on graduates and celebrate graduation.

Unit tasks

Follow up on student compensation affairs and solve problems related to them.

Supervising the distribution of debit cards, the exchange of ATM cards, and returning the cards that were not delivered to their owners to the concerned authorities at the university.

Helping student activity committees in everything that falls within their specializations and making use of student activity committees in guiding and guiding students.

Participating in the membership of the Student Cases Committee and preparing the decisions issued by it.

Educating students through announcements of what is required to work in the Student Affairs Unit

Supervising the evacuation procedures for withdrawing students.

Follow up on the work of the security guards and submit a periodic report of the agent / college vice president about their attendance, absence, and coincidence of their presence in the sites assigned to them and the extent of their commitment to using safe inspection tools according to the controls communicated to them.

Complete emergency or permanent early exit forms for some students and approve them by the college's agent / vice president.

Following up on the issuance and delivery of university cards in coordination with the responsible employee.

Helping students to extract definitions of transport and aviation when needed.

Complete medical referral forms for governmental and private hospitals and approve them by the college's agent / vice president.

Determining the students who deserve the distinction reward and raising it when needed.

Supervising the nutrition provided in the college cafeteria and filling out the relevant forms and sending them after the approval of the Vice Dean for the Deanship of Student Affairs for the branches or his representative directly, in terms of:

Ensure the safety and cleanliness of the meals provided.

Ensure that female workers are clean and free from contagious diseases, ensure that health certificates are available to them, and monitor them in terms of their following healthy methods of preparing and serving food.

Follow up on the safety of the equipment used in preparing and serving food.

Follow up on the availability of all students' food needs in the cafeteria and ensure their validity and proper preservation.

Submit periodic, monthly and quarterly reports on the progress of work in the unit to the Dean of the College after approval by the Vice Dean of the College.