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​​​​​​​​The Idea of  Establishing A Talent and Creativity Unit came from the belief of the University College of Haql in the discovery of Talented Students, Caring for them And refining their Talents and Developing Their Abilities, Creating a Distinct Generation, Developing An Integrated Academic System for the Care and Building Of Talented And Creative Students, To Reflect The Vision Of Saudi Arabia 2030 in Developing Talents and Building Personality, And Given The Urgent Need To Establish A Special Unit Of Talent Creativity

Word of The Director

Praise Due To Allah (Sw) Who Taught Man In Pen All That Man Didn't Know Taking Care Of And Sponsoring The Talented Students Is One Of The Aspects Which Our Dear Kingdom Is Paying A Tangible And Clear Consideration. In Addition, Believing In The University Role To Find Out The Talented Students, Taking Care Of Them, Developing Their Talents To Create A Distinguished Generation And Guarantee A Comprehensive Academic System That Sponsors Them. It Also Aims At The Embodiment Of Ksa 2030 Vision To Develop Talents And Build Characters, Withina Pre- Planned Scientific Way, In Accordance With The Century Requirements And Needs. Specific Consideration Should Also Be Given To The Local Society And Adequate With The Country Educational Policy Of Discovering And Sponsoring The Talented Students. These Are What Creativity And Talent Unit Seeks To Achieve In Haql College, And To Create An Educational Environment That Is Rich With The Programs That Sponsors The Overall Growth Of Various Realms Of Talent



 Coordinator Of Creativity And Talent Unit

Dr. Mazin Ibin Atiyah Asalami       


​Discovering Talented and Creative Students in Various Scientific, Literary and Artistic Fields and Working to Refine Their Talents through Specialized Scientific Sponsorship to Develop Their Abilities in Accordance With the Educational Policy of Saudi Arabia


​Building a Talented and Creative Generation That Contribute Effectively to Building the Country in Various Areas and Sciences


​· Defining The Unity Role In The University And Society ​

· Working To Spread The Culture Of Interest In Talent, Creativity And Excellence In The University and Society

· Attracting Talented And Creative Students From Public Education And Provide Their Admission To The University

· Discovering And Nurturing Talented And Creative Students During The Undergraduate Level .

· Preparing Students To Participate In Local And International Competitions Providing

·  The Necessary Scientific Consultations For .The Creative And Talented Students .

·  Raining Of Academic And Administrative Staff In The Field Of Talent And Creativity

· Establishing The Principle Of Cooperation And Partnership With The Relevant Authorities Internally And Externally​​

· Participating In Establishing, Organizing And Attending Exhibitions, Conferences, Seminars And .Courses In The Field Of Talent And Creativity

​Dr. Mazen atiah AL Solami

​Unit Supervisor-Faculty member- Associate Professor

Dr. Aisha Nawaf Albalwai

​Faculty member- Assistant Professor​

Dr.Raheef Mohammed Waleed

​Faculty member- Assistant Professor

Mr.Naif Frej Al Omrani


  • ​​​Kingdom of Saudi Arabia - Tabuk Region - Haql Governorate 49932​​

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  • 0144565211