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Creativity and Talent

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Believing in activating the role of the University of Tabuk to develop creativity, distinction and polish talents, the Talent and Creativity Unit was established by a decision of His Excellency the President of the University in the month of Muharram for the year 1432 AH, as this unit is linked to His Excellency the President of the University and enjoys his interest and support. Through this unit, the university seeks to take care of the talented students from among the students, to provide the appropriate environment for them, to overcome the obstacles that face them, and to harness the possible efforts to help them develop their mental and innovative capabilities and achieve their aspirations at the local and international level, and this reflects the university’s interest in activating its role towards community service.


Excellence in creating the appropriate environment and scientific and moral support to motivate university students to creativity and innovation.


Developing the intellectual, creative and innovative capabilities of the talented, keeping pace with the global development in scientific and technical innovations distinguished and unique and working to benefit from them, and achieving the goals set by scientific and practical training with diligence, perseverance and persistence, and excel in participating in local and international activities.


1. Identify and develop inherent self-abilities.

2. Discovering and developing strengths and weaknesses and addressing them.

3. Gain self-confidence.

4. Mastering the skills of using the mind as appropriate decision-making according to specific technical standards and solving problems with innovation and creativity.

5. Developing a general perspective to think about problems and solutions.

6. Work efficiently in one multidisciplinary team.

7. Making a dream and a strategic goal for each talented person.

Unit Manager

Message of the Supervisor

It is my great pleasure to welcome you to the homepage of the Talent and Creativity Unit at the University of Tabuk. In the presence of world’s attention to the great importance of the quality of higher education’s institutions outcomes, it is important to give great attention to the abilities of gifted and talented students. Our main objective is to create the proper environment that will enable our students to transform their innovative ideas into real world tangible products, in the hope that these products will be rewarding economically both and will contribute in development and prosperity of the knowledge economics in their countries. We hope that this webpage will act as our window to the world in order to reflect some of our goals and aspirations to grow and develop in all knowledge fields, and will also provide special services and all means of support to the gifted and talented students in the University of Tabuk.


Supervisor of the Talent and Creativity Unit

Dr. Ali M. Alakeel

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