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The College vice Deanship of Postgraduate Studies and Development

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  In the name of God and praise be to God, and blessings and peace be upon the Messenger of God ,,, What distinguishes the Agency for Development and Quality is the emphasis on quality in everything related to the educational process and its stages and the distinction of its outputs. The College Vice Deanship for Development and Quality performs its role in the college through its multiple departments that include the Department of Statistics and Data, Quality Management, Academic Accreditation and Development Department. In light of the continuous development, the College Vice Deanship for Development and Quality seeks to achieve the goals of the college’s strategic plan, and to follow up and monitor the compatibility of the college’s goals with the transformation program. National 2020 to achieve the vision of the Kingdom 2030, by conducting studies to prepare strategic plans for the college and following up their implementation with initiatives and projects, which contribute to laying the foundations for the college to move forward towards improving the educational system in all its aspects, asking God Almighty to guide us to what he loves and pleases and makes our work purely for it. God bless ,,                                                                          
Dr. Mishary bin Humaid Al-Dwaihi


The Agency for Development and Quality is concerned with applying the best quality standards and academic accreditation, and activating quality assurance systems to improve education processes and outputs and administrative work in addition to direct supervision, follow-up, evaluation and updating the development of all departments and college programs. To achieve this goal, which would advance the college, the agency provides training courses And developing skills, in addition to creating a statistical database and developing strategic plans for the college, so the agency seeks to achieve the college’s vision through hard work in a number of its subordinate units to reach the desired sufficiency in addition to adopting strategic planning projects and development programs in the college.


Excellence locally and regionally in learning outcomes, scientific research, achieving sustainability and community service


Implementing distinguished creative research that contributes to the quality of learning outcomes, community development, and the knowledge economy in accordance with Vision 2030.


* Building an integrated system for measuring, monitoring and counting the college’s achievements, in order to reach an outstanding performance

* Establishing the principles of quality in the teaching and learning process to reach a distinguished graduate who meets the requirements of the labor market

* Spreading the culture of quality among the faculty and its units

* Upgrading the level of institutional performance in the college.

* Confirming the commitment of the faculties' employees to work for the success of their plans for improving quality.

* Promote and raise the efficiency of the college, and raise the level of productivity in the administrative and academic side.

* Providing the models, plans, studies and mechanisms necessary for the success of the college in achieving its goals and achieving its strategic vision.

* Partnership with the corresponding scientific institutions to conduct research concerned with developing quality standards and practices.

Agency agent

Vice Dean for Postgraduate Studies and Development
Name: Dr. Mishary homed al dawaihi​​​​
General specialization:Islamic studies
Specific specialization: Interpretation and Qur’anic sciences
Academic Rank: Associate Professor


* Honesty.
* Innovation.
* Excellence.
* Sustainability.


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