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​​​​​​Female Academic Affairs Unit was initiated by the end of the first semester 1435 AH to meet Haqel students' requirements concerning admission and registration, being far from the main campus. The Academic Affairs Unit supervises students' academic concerns such as courses' enrollment, addition, deletion and aiding them to resign from a course or a semester. Moreover, the unit helps in solving academic problems in the college through communication with the academic departments and instructors or the Deanship of Admission and Registration.

Word of The Director

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful, and prayers and peace be upon the Noble Messenger

The Academic Affairs Unit, in the University College of Haql is an extension of the College's Unit where the work is performed collaboratively. The unit represents Admission and Registration Deanship in that it performs most of the deanship's missions except new commers admissions. The unit provides female students services of deletion, addition, courses' enrolment, as well as course or semester's resignation. The unit comprises a supervisor and a coordinator for each department in the college. The unit also follows up the periodic and final exams of the preparatory year and specialization exams in the scientific departments. The unit also seeks to provide all services to students to facilitate academic processes for them.

                                                                                                                                      Unit Director

Mrs. Safia Abdalla Saleh


​  Achieving leadership and excellence in providing services and supporting students with high quality and accuracy and upgrading the practical and educational quality to achieve the college’s vision, mission, and objectives.


​The unit seeks to contribute to the regularity of the educational process by carrying out the tasks and activities assigned by the college in a way that provides an educational environment with a clear vision that apply quality standards.


  • ​ Providing and supervising students' service.
  • Develop the necessary procedures to control and follow-up students' regular attendance.
  • Building and updating students' databases.
  • Considering and preserving students’ rights.
  • Investigating female students' problems, setting appropriate solutions, and collaborating with the concerned college's and university's authorities.​__________________________________________________________

Unit tasks

The unit follows up the following:

•the implementation of the executive regulations and rules for university examinations

     and programmes.

•students' enrollment timetables in academic departments and coordinating

     with programmes committees.

•the final exams' procedures and committees together with the Dean of the college

     and academic departments.

•the manipulation of technological methods, E- Learning and teaching and educational media in the college.

•leading committees related to the unit and delivering reports to the concerned circles.

• the activities of the college's orientation week.

•Submit periodic reports to the Dean of the College concerning the affiliated units' procedures according to

    the assigned tasks, and the confronting difficulties.

•Coordination with college's units in relevant issues.

•Recommending the approval of the academic departments' lectures timetables.

•recommending the appointment of the units and departments supervisors.

•Evaluate the performance of the unit's employees and submit it to the dean of the college for approval.

 •Participation in the membership of preparing the annual report of the college.

• Execute the authorities delegated to the unit by the Dean of the College.

Safiah A Abdulrahman

​​Unit Supervisor​ -Faculty member- lecturer

  • 0144565237