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The College Vice Deanship, Female Section

Vice President word

Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds, we depend upon him, and prayer and peace be upon His most honourable Prophets and Messengers

University College in Haql, one of the branch of Tabuk University. Which is distinguished by its geographical location, as it is located in Haql Governorate, northwest of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and on the north-eastern coast of the Gulf of Aqaba.

In view of this geographical area, the University College in Haql is actively striving to provide academic programs in multiple disciplines to keep pace with the needs of the labour market and achieve the Kingdom’s 2030 vision. Youth are the future and ambition of the country.

The college is also keen to provide the necessary support to faculty members in the educational and research process. The college is known for its distinguished research activity that supports the scientific research process at the university. One of the main pillars of the college and within the scope of its goals is its effective contributions in holding various workshops. In addition, the college has a close relationship with the community through presenting initiatives and giving lectures, whether specialized or general. All of this is in accordance with the university's vision and the achievement of its strategic goals.
Finally, we hope that this site will be a bridge for the desired and purposeful communication, and a platform that will facilitate for our honourable visitors to get acquainted with the college with its various departments, faculty members and their various interests, as well as the units and committees of the college.
Thank you for your visit to the Haql University College website.
May Allah grant everyone success in what He loves and is pleased with, and Allah knows best.

                    Vice Dean of  Haql University College
                                Dr. Hanan Ali Alatawi


The University College in Haql is a branch of the University of Tabuk that serves the people of Haql Governorate. It was established during the reign of King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz - may God have mercy on him - in the academic year 1430 AH - 1431 AH corresponding to 2008 AD - 2009 AD. The female students are approximately 200 students, and after completing the preparatory year stage, the female students specialized in only two departments, namely the Department of Islamic Studies and the Department of Mathematics, and in the third year of its inception two other departments were established, namely the Department of Languages ​​and Translation and the Department of Computer, and currently the number of female students in the college is approximately 800 students , Several cohorts of college students were graduated from the Islamic Studies and Mathematics Departments under the supervision of the Vice Dean and Dean of the College, as they were prepared to be scientifically and practically prepared cadres to serve the nation.

The University College, in the female section, receives students of the educational diploma from the academic year 1435 AH - 1436 AH.


Educational and research excellence and contribute to the community service.


Providing education for the rehabilitation of outstanding human resources and providing them with the knowledge, skills and creative implementation to meet the needs of the research community and the labor market and achieve sustainable development.


* Raising the educational level of female students in the various college programs, preparing training courses in the field of computers and the English language.
* Striving to increase and develop the level of faculty members by holding various workshops and attending seminars and training courses, as well as sending teaching assistants and lecturers to complete postgraduate studies.
* Development of teaching methods from the traditional method, which is the lectures, to the interactive teaching method, in terms of female students ’participation in discussion and dialogue.
* Achieving the college's quality management system.
* The use of modern technologies in the educational process.
* Attention to the quality of the outputs to comply with the needs of the labor market.

Agency agent

Vice Dean​
Name:Dr. Hanan Ali Al Atawi
General specialization: Biology
Specific specialization: Genetics
Academic Rank: Assistant Professor


*Commitment to the Islamic values of our true Islamic religion
* Quality and Excellence
* Loyalty and belonging
* Creativity and innovation 
* Leadership and responsibility
* Integrity and respect
* work as one team
* Social Responsibility
* Transparency and accountability


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