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After the opening of the University of Tabuk's postgraduate program in Clinical Psychology (MA and Higher Diploma) in cooperation with the College of Psychology at the University of South Australia, the Clinical Psychology Unit at the University of Tabuk was established based on the decision of the University President No. (11/31/72 BC) and the date (02/05/1431). It is worth noting that this is the first clinical, practical, educational and service psychology unit at the level of public and private Saudi higher education.


The Clinical Psychology Unit seeks to be an example to be emulated in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Arab world in employing the knowledge of psychology in general and clinical psychology in particular in terms of the well-being of individuals and their attainment of their maximum potential in life.


The mission of the Clinical Psychology Unit at the University of Tabuk is to support and provide training programs for psychologists that are based on the scientist-practitioner model, and to support and provide psychological service that is based on evidence and on standards for the best psychological service for individuals who face one or more different psychological difficulties.


Providing the necessary infrastructure to achieve the highest quality rates in clinical training
Providing high-quality services in psychological evaluation
Providing opportunities for conducting clinical psychological studies for researchers in the field of mental disorders
Development of community service programs aimed at prevention and general mental health
Designing programs for the work environment at the university seeking to improve performance

Unit Manager

The University of Tabuk, in cooperation with the College of Psychology at the University of South Australia, was the only one to open the first clinical psychological program, locally and in the Arab world, subject to criteria by adopting the model of the practicing scientist in the rehabilitation of specialists in clinical psychology and with the best practice and clinical psychological training that is internationally recognized in the name

   (The Scientist- Practitioner).

And the University of Tabuk, as it works to establish international quality standards for clinical psychological training, but rather fills a great void in psychological care created by the absence of clinical psychological training programs in the Arab world that operate with these standards. Thus, Tabuk University, as part of the higher education system, seeks to contribute to the localization of international quality standards in all areas of training and service, including those standards related to clinical psychological training and psychological services for individuals from inside and outside the university.

With the establishment of the University of Tabuk's clinical psychology programs, it opens a closed door for Saudi and Arab psychology students who wish to obtain clinical psychological training qualified for advanced clinical practice. Admission to clinical psychology programs in Western universities is almost impossible, except in very special cases, which has led to the development of traditions of psychological practice far removed from the reality of clinical psychology service and its standards in developed countries in the field of psychological care.

The unit provided clinical rehabilitation for eight batches in the clinical psychology program, forming a nucleus through which the unit’s message grows and flourishes in institutions concerned with health care in general, and care

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