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Request for scientific research arbitration

Service description :

Request for scientific research arbitration for faculty members

Channels providing the service :

electronic gate

Service rating :

Support service

Service type :

Government - individuals

The level of service maturity :

Service implementation

Prerequisites for implementing this service :

There are no requirements for this service

Service procedures :

Entry is through the easy system

Choose a scientific research system

Choose Submit - Research Review

Enter search data

The research proposal is sent for arbitration through the Deanship

The names of the arbitrators are chosen and the arbitration sent

The researcher follows up the research submission system to know the outcome of the arbitration, and a message will be sent to the researcher upon completion of the arbitration

Forms used to implement the service :

There are no service models

Service implementation steps :

To execute the service, press Execute Service

Service implementation

Service Evaluation :

Overall satisfaction with the service


Ease of use of the service


The extent of your satisfaction with the time of providing the service


Evaluate the service provider


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