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Request to study as a visiting student between universities

Service description :

The service allows regular students of Tabuk University to apply to study a visiting semester at Taif University. Provided that the study is among the subjects offered by Taif University

Channels providing the service :

electronic gate

Service rating :

Major service

Service type :

Government - individuals

The level of service maturity :

Transformational - integrative
Service implementation

Prerequisites for implementing this service :

There are no requirements for this service

Service procedures :

1- Log in to the system.

2- The student chooses to request a visiting term.

3- The student’s data appears and he chooses from the offered courses.

4- The request is sent.

5- The student tracks the status of his application until it is approved by the universities of Tabuk and Taif electronically

Forms used to implement the service :

There are no service models

Service implementation steps :

To execute the service, press Execute Service

Service implementation

Service Evaluation :

Overall satisfaction with the service


Ease of use of the service


The extent of your satisfaction with the time of providing the service


Evaluate the service provider


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