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Community Service and Continuing Education

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The Deanship was established due to the wish of the University of Tabuk to transfer, develop, and use the scientific, practical and research capabilities to serve the community. The Deanship was established as a unit in (01/12//1428) to start some community service and continuing education activities and form a nucleus for an independent unit. Its tasks were specific to serve all sectors of the community in accordance with the educational policy of the Ministry of Higher Education in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It was later upgraded in (25/01/1439) by joining the Training Center and Community Service" of the Teachers College at the University with the Community Service and Continuing Education Deanship in accordance with the Unit Structure. In 1431, The Ministry of Higher Education made a decision of establishing the Community Service and Continuing Education Deanship to perform tasks according to the Higher Education and Universities Council Regulations.


To achieve distinction in education and training which meets the needs of the local community in addition to being recognised locally and regionally for its outstanding outcomes.



To offer distinguished services for the local community in the fields of continuous education, and training and development at the local and regional levels.

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