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Facility safety and fire fighting, "Scientific diploma at the University of Tabuk."

​The General Directorate of Civil Defense, in cooperation with the University of Tabuk represented by the College of Engineering, launched the first scientific diploma in the field of "facility safety and fire fighting" at the level of the Kingdom, which comes within the initiatives of the civil defense to offer many scientific portfolios in cooperation with Saudi universities, with the participation of 20 trainees representing a number of The various government sectors, where the diploma extends for one academic year, and the diploma aims, according to the Assistant Director General of Civil Defense for Safety Affairs, Major General Abdul-Rahman Al-Husseini, who attended the inauguration process, to develop and qualify engineers and workers in consulting engineering offices, and those wishing to benefit from the project in the government and private sectors Through this project, the Directorate seeks to raise the level of practical and professional performance, and to rehabilitate the nation's youth who deserve more than that, by creating programs to protect people and protect the investments of this country. The choice of the University of Tabuk is considered for many reasons. Tabuk region today is the focus of the world's attention, and the University of Tabuk is the focus of attention of the scientific bodies and scientific cadres that guarantee the safety, security, prevention and well-being of the society in which we live and the transformation in the 2030 vision. The Assistant Director General of Civil Defense for Safety Affairs indicated that the next stage of the diploma in "Facility Safety and Fire Fighting" will be at Noura University through the Women's Department, and then to a number of Saudi universities, and through it the Directorate aspires to establish scientific specializations in this field. The field for progression to bachelor's and master's degrees.​