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The University of Tabuk is interested in scientific research in all its fields, including archeology and other related sciences, as the Tabuk region is rich in archaeological sites throughout, and these sites vary historically, environmentally and culturally, and their dates are sequenced from the ancient stone ages to the present era, and many and diverse civilizations have succeeded in this. Evidence of its importance, the depth of its history and its longstanding through the ages, as it linked the civilizations that arise in each era, which gave it great importance that attracted people to it with its abundant environmental, climatic, geographical and cultural diversity, and this was evident through archaeological surveys and scientific excavations in a number of sites in this region .

A unit affiliated to the Agency for Postgraduate Studies and Scientific Research concerned with studies and research in the fields of archeology and other related sciences, and interest in them through study and exploration by internationally known scientific methods, from conducting surface surveys, probes and excavations, holding local and international conferences and scientific symposiums, and holding training courses for maintenance Archeology and taking care of it, in addition to media campaigns to publicize it, develop awareness of its importance, and link the past with the present to enhance national belonging.




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