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The Computer Networks Training Unit at the University of Tabuk was established by the decision of His Excellency the Director of the University of Tabuk No. 352/05/2021 dated 3/14/1435, and the unit seeks to provide training courses that qualify for obtaining international academic certificates accredited in the field of information technology and computer network technologies From international training bodies, including Cisco Academy, Microsoft, and others.


“The Computer Networks Training Unit at the University of Tabuk is an internationally accredited unit and a pioneer in the field of training in computer network technologies.”


Offering specialized and internationally accredited training courses in the field of computer network technologies to qualify highly skilled technical cadres in the field of computer network science and technology to meet the needs of development projects in the Kingdom.


Unit Manager

Raising the technical and professional competence of community members is one of the most important tasks that universities deal with at the level of the Kingdom, especially the University of Tabuk, and perhaps technological development in the field of computer networks is one of the most prominent features of the modern era, which resulted in an increased need for technical and professional competencies trained at the highest level In the field of management and operation of computer networks, and there are many international institutions specialized in the field of communications and computer networks, which provide internationally accredited training programs in the field of management, operation and security of computer networks, including CISCO, Microsoft, and others.

Therefore, the university administration, because of its role in raising the technical and professional competence of its students, university students and community members, sought to establish a training unit accredited by those international institutions, through which training courses could be held that would qualify for obtaining international accredited academic certificates.

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