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A training course at the Community College entitled "Entrepreneurship"

​Within the framework of the Community College Deanship's relentless pursuit of continuous development, and believing in the college’s role in developing the skills of its students, the Computer Networks Unit (Cisco Academy at the University of Tabuk), in cooperation with the Training and Skills Development Unit at the Community College, implemented the training course "Entrepreneurship", and the course was prepared and performed by Dr. . Yasser Abdul Hamid, the supervisor of the computer networks unit at the university, and the course that targeted students expected to graduate addressed the importance of entrepreneurship and its role in helping the graduate to get a job by exploiting the technical skills that he has in starting a project or a private business, and the course also dealt with how to know technical skills Self-personality, how to choose the most appropriate project from several options, how to choose the appropriate financing method, follow-up work, how to market the project and communicate with clients, development, development and planning, and other skills that qualify the graduate to implement his own project or work. Fifty students from the Community College who are expected to graduate this year attended the session, and everyone interacted with the lecturer by asking questions and engaging in discussion. Dr. Mansour Habbash, Dean of Community College, in the course and the role played by the Computer Networks Unit and the Training and Skills Development Unit at the Community College, calling on the college’s students and graduates to benefit from the next series of training courses that the unit will provide during the year 1439/1440 AH.​