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​​​​​The Department of Mathematics at Haql University College indicated its work at the beginning of the academic year 1431/1432 AH and it consisted of approximately 45 female students, who were taught by two specialized lectures in mathematics. Year after year, the department began to expand until it included at the beginning of the academic year 1433 AH / 1434 AH approximately 85 female students taught by 6 faculty members and those of similar rank, and at the beginning of the year 1435 AH / 1436 AH, the mathematics department included 89 female students based on They are taught by seven members, one of them holders of a doctorate degree and three female teaching assistants on scholarships to complete their higher studies in the most prestigious foreign and local universities. At the beginning of the academic year 1437/1436 AH, the department included approximately 119 female students among whom 46 were new students, and nine members were taught by them. In addition to that, the first Saudi female scholarship student obtained a master's degree in differential engineering from King Abdulaziz University with an excellent grade, and she started her work at the end of the second semester of the same year. In the year 1438/1437 AH, about 37 new students were accepted in the department, and the department included 10 members who teach about 121 female students. One of the Saudi lectures was sent to obtain a doctorate degree in the field of pure mathematics by the end of the year 1437 AH, but in the year 1439/1438 AH it was 40 new female students joined the department, bringing the number of female students for this year to 126 regular students, and they are taught by 6 members, of whom 4 are PhD holders; In the current year 1440/1439 AH, female students were not accepted in the department. The main objective of the department is to provide the local and global community, God willing, with a high-level cadre in the specialization of mathematics capable of competing with the outputs of other educational institutions that offer the same program in a way that serves his community and contributes to the prosperity of his country, and has leadership on the level of graduates of the Kingdom in the trends of the labor market. The department provided its local community in the first wave with approximately 20 female graduates in the major of mathematics, and in the second wave there were approximately 24 female students in the same specialty, and the number in the third batch decreased to 5 and the fourth to 7 students.

Word of The Director

Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds, and prayers and peace be upon the most honorable of the messengers, our Prophet Mohammad, may Allah' s prayers and peace be upon him... and after 

Peace, mercy and blessings of God Almighty, 

   It is a great pleasure to welcome you to the mathematics department website.
    Mathematics is one of the most important subjects that a person begins to learn from the beginning of his life, i.e. after learning the language directly, the person begins to learn the counting and the main arithmetic operations (addition, multiplication...), which reflects on his daily and practical life in general. 

   Mathematics is a science that shows quantity and how to deal with it, so it is used as a science to measure what is in other sciences, no science whatsoever can be completed without mathematics, and we cannot understand any of the sciences either, unless we convert the relationships and phenomena in it into mathematical equations. It clarifies that relationship, including its variables and constants, which is why it deserves to be the queen of science, with its effective solutions to all scientific and practical problems facing humanity 
   Therefore, as I am honored to take over the responsibility of supervising this department, I feel awe and pride for what this department contains of innumerable sciences, knowledge, and benefits to humanity.  I am certain that Allah guides me and my colleagues in the department to follow in our footsteps to continue the process of publishing pure, applied and computerized mathematics, which has become the main concern of scientists in all fields because of the tremendous breakthroughs in theoretical concepts and practical applications in the fields of medicine, engineering, environment, industry and others. 

Thank you for visiting the department's website and may Allah bless all. 

Mathematics Supervisor 

Dr. Neama Yahia Mohammed


​Graduate students who are able to meet the needs of the labor market and qualify students with knowledge and scientific research skills in the fields of pure and applied mathematical sciences.


​Counter athletes with scientific knowledge, competence, and ability to produce and contribute in their fields of specialization. Those who have a work ethic and are able to excel in their professional life in the future, and who work to develop and serve the community and help those working in other fields to develop their mathematical skills to solve the problems facing them.


* To develop students' skills in analysis and problem solving, accurate analysis and thinking, writing and speaking skills, as well as providing scientific and technical services in various fields of science in all governmental and private sectors.

Preparing students to work in the fields of scientific research and other fields, in order to cover the Kingdom's needs for researchers and workers in the fields of applied mathematics

* Prepare his students with sufficient knowledge and ability to apply mathematics in the fields of knowledge and different areas of life in order to contribute to the service of society.​

Dr.Neama Yahia Haron

Department Supervisor- ​​​Faculty member- Assistant Professor

Dr.Raheef Mohammed Waleed

​Faculty member- Assistant Professor

Dr .Sami Kouki

Faculty member- Assistant Professor​

Dr. abdou Rifaei khaled

​Faculty member- Assistant Professor

Dr. Alaa Rafat Abdelmaksoud

​Faculty member- Assistant Professor​

Nouf Saad Altimani

​Faculty member- Teaching Assistant

Nourah Mohammed AlHuity

​​​Faculty member- Teaching Assistant

Marwah Eid AlAtawi

​Faculty member- Teaching Assistant​

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