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​​​​​The Department Of Islamic Studies Vwas Established In 1430- 1431 H And It's Considered One Of The Most Sections That Seek To Establish Values And Traditions In Society. In Turn, It Seeks To Keep Pace With Scientific Development In The Field Of Advocacy Which Serves Islam And Society. It Includes All Branches Of Forensic Sciences. It Means Building The Personality Of The Student Based On Islam, Through The Subject Of Receiving Programs Covering All The Forensic Science So That The Graduate .Of This Section To Work In Various Fields Appropriate To Her Expertise

Word of The Director

In The Name of Allah The Most Gracious The Most Merciful

Praise be to Allah the Lord of the worlds and may the blessings and peace of Allah be upon the most honored of messengers our master Muhammad and upon all his family and companions.

I and my fellow employees of the Department of Islamic Studies are pleased to welcome the honorable visitors to our website, this department was built on the values of the Islamic religion and its lofty rules in building morals for the graduation of righteous generations that follow the footsteps of the nation's Prophet Muhammad, may Allah's prayers and peace be upon him and his honorable companions, may Allah be pleased with them.

You will find in this website everything you want to know about the department, including information, advertisements and communication channels.


Supervisor of Islamic Studies Department

Hana'a Salim Al Masoudi


​The Department Of Islamic Studies Aspires To Be A Distinguished Scientific Department In Islamic Sciences At The University Level In Saudi Arabia, And In The Arab And Islamic World, Achieving And Contributing To The Realization Of The Kingdom's Vision 2030 In .Various Fields


​The Department Seeks To Prepare Specialists In Islamic Studies, Contribute To The Preparation Of Specialized Research In Islamic Sciences, Participate In Community Service And Provide Advice To Stakeholders​


-Preparation Of Scientific Cadres Familiar With Islamic Sciences

- Graduation Generations Able To Combine Authenticity And Contemporary 

- Open The Field Of Consultation In The Legitimate Issues Of The Relevant Authorities 

- Providing The State Bodies And Institutions With The Necessary Legal Cadres 

- Open The Way For Muslim Women To Receive Forensic Science, Which Has An Impact On The Individual And Society 

-Participate In Building A Virtuous Society That Values And Applies Moral Values In Real Life By Linking 

- Scientific Material To The Reality Of Learners Developing Research Skills For Students To Enssure Sustainable Development At The Functional And 

- Social Level Serving The Community By Holding Seminars, Lectures And Training Courses Seek To Achieve The Vision Of The Kingdom 2030

​​Hana saleem almasudi​

​Department Supervisor-Faculty member- Teaching Assistant​

Fatima Abdualraman Abdulla

​​​Faculty member- Assistant Professor​

Ehsan Mohammed lafi

​Faculty member- Assistant Professor

Neven mohammad

Faculty member- Assistant Professor​

Omaima Yassin Ahmed

​Faculty member- Assistant Professor

Nourah Salamah Al Huity

​Faculty member- Teaching Assistant​

Maryam Abdullah Al Enazi

​Faculty member- Teaching Assistant

Danyah Mansur Al Tamimi

​Faculty member- Teaching Assistant​

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Directory of Islamic Studies