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Take the initiative to join the Master of Science program in (Biodiversity) in the Biology Department

​Take the initiative to join the Master of Science program in (Biodiversity) in the Biology Department

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About the program: The program seeks to prepare qualified and professional cadres in the field of biodiversity, capable of meeting the requirements and competition of the labor market, especially in the field of natural resource protection, conservation and sustainable development. Program Goals : 1. Create awareness among community members to conserve and address biodiversity 2. The phenomenon of loss of wildlife and biological resources. 3. Producing a professionally trained manpower to study and control plant and animal diversity in their natural environments. 4. Training in observing the functional, morphological, structural, anatomical and reproductive behaviors of various plant, animal and microbial species. 5. Acquire skill in research, experimentation, monitoring and data analysis, and planning strategies for viable and sustainable ecosystems. 6. Qualifying professional cadres to monitor and study extinction, migration and entry of invasive alien species. 7. Gaining the ability to deal with risks and obstacles that pose threats to biodiversity and applying innovative methods to preserve it. Program structure Hours: 48 credit hours Duration of study: two academic years (four semesters) Study system: academic courses and research project. Study pattern: regular courses Compulsory courses principles of biodiversity evolution and biodiversity Plant and animal genetic resources Effects of climate change on biodiversity Classification of biodiversity aquatic biodiversity terrestrial biodiversity microbial biodiversity Threats to biodiversity Biodiversity assessment and monitoring Conservation and management of biodiversity Biodiversity legislation First research project Second research project Elective courses Field methods/techniques (RS&GIS) Bioinformatics in biodiversity Biodiversity and Conservation in Saudi Arabia Non-native invasive species Wildlife ecology and management Admission Requirements ​The applicant must have a bachelor's degree in Biology - Plant Biology - Animal Biology, with a GPA of no less than “good”. Language requirement: (English language proficiency test with a score of 52%) or (TOEFL IELTS) with a score of 400 or its equivalent) or with a score of 3.5) or (passing the third level in the English language course held at the Deanship of Community and Continuing Education). To register for the program:
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