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The Department of Pharmacy Practice is one of the main departments of the Faculty of Pharmacy at the University of Tabuk, on which the Pharm D program depends. The department delivers 19 core courses, t from the student'sentry to the Faculty until graduation. The department is committed to provide students with clinical knowledge, professional, and communication skills required to develop patient-oriented care, decision-making and therapeutics management skills that are necessary for the proper practice of pharmacy after graduation in different health care settings according to international standards


The Department of Pharmacy Practice seeks to achieve excellence in pharmacy education and scientific research in the field of patient care and community service in accordance with international standards.


Contribute to preparing outstanding graduates by teaching updated medication management courses and professional training for Pharm D program students as well as conducting applied research that serves the community.


​1. Provide the community with pharmacists who hold Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm. D) degree at a high level of efficiency, the capacity of practicing the profession of pharmacy in its various aspects in government and private hospitals, public pharmacies, and pharmaceutical companies.

2. Prepare qualified graduates who have full awareness of the basic rules for initiating, continuing, changing, or stopping treatment, with a comprehensive understanding of the principles of pharmacokinetics to improve the treatment plan for the individual patient.

3. Enhance the communication skills of graduates to interact efficiently with the medical team and patients in various working conditions.

4. Develop graduate's cognitive abilities in searching for and interpreting drug information, using the pharmaceutical and medical sciences and its applications to various pathological conditions.

5. Participate in community service in cooperation with the relevant authorities for safe and rational drug use, detection and treatment of poisoning, and sharing the scientific information.

6. Optimal and rational use of the drugs and awareness of adverse drug events and other medication-related problems.

7. Contribute to the field of scientific research by developing and participating in basic and applied research projects in community and healthcare settings.

Dr. Yasser Mohammed Alatawi-Assistant Professor
Dr. Yasser Mohammed Alatawi-Assistant Professor

كوزيليا براباهار كاليا مورتي-أستاذ مساعد
Kousalya Prahpar-associate professor


  • ​قسم الممارسة الصيدلانية-كلية الصيدلة- جامعة تبوك

  • 0144563930

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