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Bachelor of ​Information Technology​ ​


The Information Technology program prepares students who are able to occupy positions in the field of information technology and provide the infrastructure and process supporting computers and information systems in the areas of business, manufacturing, and institutional organizations. . The program will focus on applications and hands-on training on topics including system management and integration of computing technologies.

Department Objectives: The department aims to prepare cadres from the IT department program graduates who have the following competencies and qualifications:

Graduates will be specialized in software systems administration and integration, systems administration, network engineering, and database management.
Graduates will have the ability to learn and master the methods of modern information technologies and their applications.
 Graduates will have the potential to earn advanced degrees.
Graduates will be successful professionals with high communication skills, committed to ethical and social responsibilities, lifelong learning, and teamwork.

Scientific activity and production
The department is currently preparing the study plan for the Department of Information Technology in accordance with the requirements of the curriculum unit at the university and academic accreditation, in addition to preparing a full description of the academic courses.
The head of the department, Dr. Awad Al-Karim, attended the 2013 International Exhibition and Conference on Higher Education in Riyadh
Several meetings of the Board of the Information Technology Department were held, in which the department’s affairs and aspirations were discussed and decisions were made regarding new matters during the school year.
The course files were prepared for the academic accreditation (ABET) for the courses of the department.
The head of the department, Dr. Ziyad Shaaban, participated in the field visit of the students of the Computer Science Department to GITEX to find out about the latest developments in information technology.
Dr. Muhammad Mahmoud Abu Shuqair has given lectures on the distance education system to faculty members in the college and he is also currently supervising the distance education unit at the university.

Word of The Director

​In the name of God, praise be to God, and blessings and peace be upon the Messenger of God (may God bless him and grant him peace) and his family, companions and those who follow him. In my name and the name of my fellow faculty members in the department, we are pleased to welcome you to the website of the Department of Information Technology at the College of Computers and Information Technology at the University of Tabuk, as the site aims to introduce the Department of Information Technology and the plans and courses it provides, scientific research and research projects, as well as scientific activities and others in the department. I also hope that this site will be a window to highlight the scientific and research development of the Technology Department and that it will contribute to the efforts made by the university towards excellence and universality. The department offers a Bachelor of Information Technology program (currently only students), where aspects of quality and academic accreditation are approved in the department’s plan, and English is the language in which all major subjects are taught in the department, and the department includes many faculty members who have experience and competence. Contributes to the achievement of the department's vision and goals that were drawn for it. And with best wishes to all students for success and success in serving the nation. Dr.. Youssef Al-Fifi


​For the Information Technology Department to be one of the distinguished departments in its field at the scientific and research level and one of the important tributaries to qualify distinguished graduates in the field of information technology to serve our society.


​The Information Technology Program is committed to providing quality education that contributes to the continuous learning and professional development of graduates, and to participate in both scientific research and community services.


Upon completion of the IT Program, graduates will be able to:

PEO1. Exhibit a solid foundation in information technology and basic sciences.

PEO2. Excel as an IT professional with potential knowledge and skills to apply IT solutions.

PEO3. Exhibit communication, professionalism, team work, leadership skills, and ethical and responsible behavior.

PEO4. Pursue lifelong learning and career development.