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According to the vision and mission of Deanship it seeks to provide advanced Office service students in multiple formats:.

1. Borrowing:

Offering affordable services Deanship for researchers and students and faculty academic staff through:-

Manual borrowing: metaphor Reference Desk Reference Manual Disk where this service librarians specialize, bringing books to the beneficiaries that serve the research needs for metaphor or look then returned to library shelves.


2. search the databases:

This service enables employees of the University who find sources of information that meet research needs, providing (210) Arab and foreign scientific database covering all scientific disciplines, and (5 million) million thesis, (150.000) a scientific magazine and Court (310000) e-book and (700 A 3D image 0000) engineering and medical fees, 12.000 medical surgical video minutes.


3. search the OPAC electronic catalogue of the deanery:

Provide an electronic index to the beneficiary allows us to search the available information sources deanary and sub libraries by computers, electronic catalogue allows you to search the titles of books or author name or search by topics, and can be accessed through the Concierge Its northern border and the University's electronic use from outside the University.


4. access and internal reading:

Provide individual and collective research retreats deanery for readability purposes, they are equipped with the latest Office furniture featuring Hall and reading Interior calm and good lighting and ventilation in accordance with international standards for establishment of university libraries.


5. Training:

Dean offers training sessions for faculty and students in accordance with a specific timetable for scientific and research skills towards using scientific information database search and retrieval mechanisms.    


5. Digital reference service:

List of service between an administrator and beneficiary of digital library done remotely via email, so gather all digital information sources that serve the needs of scientific researchers in a particular field and submit them to save time and effort in the search and compilation of information sources.  


7. Technical support:

Technical support is provided through the digital library to solve usability problems facing researchers when they use digital library, and guide them to the right ways to use collectibles in the form in which they achieve maximum benefit to them.​