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About the department:


As part of the higher education system in the Kingdom, the University of Tabuk and its keenness to occupy a prominent position among universities, and to excel in its educational and research program in all scientific fields, it considers it necessary to provide information technology services to develop the capabilities of its staff members of the faculty, administrators, technicians, students and students in the field Computers to inform them of the latest information and scientific research, and to communicate via electronic services. Therefore, the university administration decided to establish the Deanship of Information Technology, which includes in its administrative structure the Department of Networks.

Therefore, the Department of Networks was established, which reports directly to the Deanship of Information Technology at the University of Tabuk summarizing the department's work in managing the network, supervising it, developing it, monitoring it and providing support to the network and users around the clock.

The network department's team includes a group of qualified engineers with competence and experience. This team believes the need to build an effective, high-performance network that is characterized by stability and ability to expand and supports the use of the latest technologies in accordance with the highest international standards. Its goal is to achieve the university’s ambitions and aspirations to be a pioneering and distinguished university in providing its services to its faculty members, administrators, technicians and students by building a network that meets aspirations.


Department Objectives:


Create the necessary infrastructure for the network.

Setting development plans for the networks department.

Connecting colleges, deanships, departments and various branches to the computer network and providing them with Internet services.

- Achieving quality and comprehensiveness in work.

Reviewing the latest developments in the field of network technology and providing them.

Cooperating with Saudi universities and exchanging services and technical consultations with them.

Providing cooperation with other advanced external parties in this field to benefit from their experiences and exchange information with them. 


Sections Covered:


University center

College of Education and Arts for Boys

College of Education and Arts for girls

Girls College Festival

Community College in Roses

Deanship of Community Service in Al-Morouj

Deanship of Psychology in Al Murooj

Duba College for Girls

Face College for Girls

Field College

Tayma College

Umluj College


Department tasks:


- Work to connect all university departments and branches to a network of high-speed optical fibers

Working on monitoring the computer network and controlling it according to the international standards for computer networks 

Supervising the lines of communication with the King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology

Coordination with the communication service providers, opening reports of faults and following them up 

Submit periodic reports on the network status to the Director of Technical Affairs

Evaluate the risks and work to solve the faults and problems facing the university computer network

- Extending and maintaining the local network and ensuring that the wired and wireless network reaches all the university's internal and external bodies and facilities

Providing remote access service for users of information technology services according to specific controls based on global information security standards

Planning and designing the university's communication network and working to develop it according to future needs

- Work on backing up all device settings and saving network maps for all sites 

Determining the needs of hardware, software and technical personnel and submitting them to the Technical Affairs Director for approval by the Dean of Information Technology

Any other tasks assigned to the networks section