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About the department:

What is the technical support program


It is the link between the university and information technology that helps employees to submit their requests electronically in order to reach the technical support department who have the expertise to direct them to the departments of information technology or solve the request directly.

Who needs it


It is a program needed by large sectors that accommodate a large number of employees.

The importance of the university's technical support program


Due to the great acceleration in the growth of the University of Tabuk and the increase in the number of academics and employees, it was imposed on those in charge of information technology to search for a program that would facilitate the employees to communicate with the administration to submit requests for technical support, as the program was implemented since the beginning of the month of Shawwal, 1432 AH, and the application was made through it for more than (4000) requests in various departments to date.

    Before the technical support program was available, the requests were submitted in a written manner, and due to the large influx of requests, it became difficult to deal with and schedule them, in addition to the incomplete data for the service applicant that the employee needed to complete the request, as we set mandatory fields for the data we need


Department tasks:


Providing technical support and working to raise the level of knowledge for users of information technology services

Receiving requests for information technology services from all authorities in the university and transferring them to the relevant departments for implementation.

Provide solutions available directly to users of information technology services

Educating faculty and staff about virus prevention methods

Follow-up requests in terms of implementation and delays and submit weekly reports to the Director of Technical Affairs

Coordination with other departments in the Deanship to work on raising the level of services provided by the Deanship

Documenting the services provided by the Deanship of Information Technology and providing manuals for the beneficiaries in the different sectors of the university

Any other tasks assigned to the technical support department

Services provided:

Create a username and password

This is considered one of the most important services because it is allocated to newly appointed employees at Tabuk University (academics, two drawings, clauses, ... etc.) if the employee does not need to go to the Information Technology Department as was the case previously, he only has to fill out the form and within a short period He will receive his e-mail username and password, and the number registered in the university’s network has exceeded more than 2000 employees.


Requests to contact the university network

This is the first form of requests needed by the employee who received a new computer, there was suffering during the execution of this request before using the technical support program, because this form of requests needs to be passed through all departments of information technology manually in order to complete the request, and each department writes its notes on The request itself, as for using the technical support program, the request passes electronically to all departments through the program, and notes are included at the bottom of the request in an organized and documented manner, and the request is executed with great professionalism, as the number of registered with this service has reached more than (1300) male and female employees.


Internet requests

The employee needs the approval of the direct manager to complete this service. Previously, the employee had to manually fill in the application form and upload it manually to the line manager to approve the service, then take it to the Deanship of Information Technology to operate the service, but by using the technical support program we can send the approvals electronically to the president Al-Mubasher, and received a message via e-mail and through his own account on the technical support program that there is a request awaiting his approval, and he can implement these requests from anywhere outside or inside the university, so the employee can get the Internet service within less than an hour, as the Internet service was activated For more than (600) male and female employees through this service.


Email service

E-mail service: the employee can get his own e-mail on the university’s network within a few minutes, as a university e-mail has been created for more than 200 male and female employees through this service and sent directly to the e-mail of the service applicant.


Sites of faculty members

Faculty member sites: a faculty member needs a special website on the university’s portal, as this service was provided through the technical support program. The request can be submitted and executed within a short time via e-mail, as the sites of more than 70 academic staff members have been established through This service is sent directly to the e-mail of the service applicant.


Service management

Service management: The tasks of the services department were included in the technical support requests, which made it easier for employees to know the tasks of managing services and submit the request electronically, making it easier for the employee not to search for the tasks and website of the services department, and more than 100 requests were submitted through this service.