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Comprehensive and accurate statistics constitute a basic and logical basis for making development decisions, and statistics also reflect a vision of different degrees to evaluate the educational and administrative field. Therefore, one of the most important factors in the development of academic and university work and scientific research is the availability of organized, logical and standardized statistics. Statistics also provide descriptive and evaluating indicators of institutional performance. This facilitates competitiveness at the local and global level.

One of the basics in the planning and development work of any party is to find an entity that takes charge of building statistical tools and following up on the provision of data and information, processing and presenting them according to the level of need for the concerned party inside or outside the university.

Whereas the University of Tabuk is working to achieve all the developmental aspects as part of the higher education system in the Kingdom and to ensure that it occupies a prominent position among universities, and to excel in its educational and research programs in all scientific fields, it was necessary to find a body that handles statistical work at the university. The university administration decided to establish a unit at the university called (the Statistics and Information Unit) linked to the university's vice president for development and quality and to undertake all statistical work at the university.




Work on building databases and information that meet the requirements of the university internally and externally
  Forming field work teams to follow up on the change in data and providing the unit with it on a regular basis
  Preparing reports and statistical studies that serve the university's development
  Fill out the official forms and questionnaires issued by the Ministry of Education
  Establishing and implementing a number of awareness and training courses and meetings in the field of statistics and information
  Providing consultations, data, statistics, and information to the various educational sectors, whether governmental or civil, to benefit from them in their development studies.

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