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The University of Tabuk seeks to collect, index, classify and preserve its documents and archives, and based on the noble directives and orders that regulate the work of the documents and archives centers in all government agencies, and based on Cabinet Resolution No. 171 dated 9/11/1409 AH, and based on Royal Decree No. ( M / 55) and the date 10/23/1409 AH, which included approval of the National Center for Documentation and Archives system, as the university saw the importance of establishing a center under the name of the "Center for Records and Archives", which is concerned with preserving all documents and archives, and allowing them to be referred to when needed according to the instructions regulating that.

The center works to pay attention to the official documents resulting from the work of all academic and administrative units at the university, and to apply all policies, regulations and decisions related to the acquisition, organization, preservation and circulation of official documents, and the center provides all university-related documents from the date of its establishment to all its employees and beneficiaries and the possibility to refer to them in the latest and fastest way.




The Document Center aims to achieve the following:
That the documents serve the purposes for which they were created.
Proper implementation of documents systems, regulations, policies, decisions and instructions related to them.
Educating the center and university workers about the importance of documents.
Organizing university documents and documents and regulations.
Provide the right document at the right time.
Eliminate duplication of preservation, and get rid of documents that have lost their value or are not needed.
Finding cadres specialized in the fields of preserving and organizing documents and archives.

Unit Manager

The director of the center is associated with the university’s vice president for development and quality, and the director of the center manages and administers its affairs with the aim of working to achieve the center’s objectives, by acquiring documents from all the university’s administrative, academic and support units, research centers and university hospitals, organizing and preserving them, and facilitating ways to benefit from them. For this, he has the following:

1. Preparing the five-year plan for the center within the framework of the university’s regulations and goals, and following up on its implementation.
2. Prepare the annual budget for the center and approve it from the permanent documents committee.
3. Proposing the regulations, rules and procedures regulating the work of the Center, and following up on their implementation after approval.
4. Administrative and technical supervision of the administrative units and the technical departments associated with it.
5. Follow up the progress of work in each department in the center and coordinate work between departments and sections.
6. Setting rules and standards for university publications and controlling their issuance in accordance with the approved standards.
7. Setting standards for each type of official correspondence in accordance with the approved rules.
8. Unifying similar business models in different university units and departments.
9. Determine the information that must be available in the official correspondence of the university and its sectors.
10. Unifying the sizes of the papers used for each type of official transaction at the university.
11. Coordination with the administrative communications in the university sectors to standardize work models and procedures.
12. Preparing a monthly statistic on the documents that were destroyed in the university units.
13. Providing the National Center for Records and Archives with registration and delivery data for damaged papers in the university units.
14. Transferring permanently preserved documents to the National Center for Records and Archives after the end of their preservation period at the university.
15. Coordination and cooperation with the National Center for Records and Archives, and the exchange of information and experiences with national, Arab and international documents and archives centers.
16. Participation in specialized organizations and bodies regionally and internationally.
17. Determine the center’s needs of human cadres, equipment and materials and provide them.
18. Submit periodic reports on the center’s achievements and development proposals.

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