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The Administrative Communications Center is considered a link between the university branches and other authorities, and this unit undertakes all the necessary work to receive all incoming correspondence for the various departments and sections and refer them to the competent authorities and register them electronically after ensuring that they complete the required conditions in accordance with the regulations in force at the university.

It also takes all necessary measures to issue all transactions to various bodies within the university’s branches and outside its scope for universities of all kinds inside the Kingdom, and keeps a copy of it according to its date and date of export, which facilitates the retrieval process when needed, and the center also returns incomplete transactions to the sending authorities to request the completion of the required. And, as the Administrative Communications Center receives circulars from various authorities, registers and distributes them according to the method applied at the university.

Since the beginning of this center, the university has been keen on introducing electronic technology and gradually shifting from the paper system to the electronic system.




Upgrading the level of work in the center.

Simplify procedures for proper workflow.

Continuous development of human capabilities and providing them with everything new in the field of administrative communication.

Cooperating with university administrations, which contributes to facilitating work

Devoting the concept of quality and continuous improvement to the performance of the center.

Continuity of creative leadership in the Administrative Communication Center.

Center Manager

Praise be to God, Lord of the Worlds, and prayers and peace be upon the most honorable prophets and messengers:
Authentically myself, and on behalf of all the employees of the Administrative Communication Center, we welcome you to the center's website - and we hope that it will be a link between all the university units active in achieving the role assigned to us within an integrated administrative system that serves its employees and all members of society.


                                                                                    Director of the Administrative Communications Center

                                A: Nasser bin Nafi Al-Nakhli

            Ext: 1717 Email:

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