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Vision 2030 Realization Office

The word of the office supervisor

With the directions of His Excellency the President of the University, the university has endeavored, since the launch of the Kingdom's Vision 2030 programs, to contribute effectively to the realization of the Kingdom's 2030 vision by proposing and developing initiatives in each of the vision programs, and the establishment of the office reflects the interest of the university leadership to contribute directly and indirectly to the realization of Vision 2030 through its various activities. The university has participated in a number of initiatives in the various programs of the vision and is still participating in other programs, and its second strategic plan reflects the aspirations and goals of the vision, its programs and initiatives,

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About the Kingdom Vision 2030 Realization Office

The Office of the Realization of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 2030 Vision at the University of Tabuk, is a specialized organizational unit linked to His Excellency the President of the University, and works on the university's effective contribution to achieving the Kingdom's Vision 2030, through supervision and follow-up of the university's participation in proposing and implementing the university's initiatives in Vision 2030 programs, as well as the various university initiatives Realized vision.


Effective contribution to achieving the Kingdom's vision 2030.


Presenting distinguished initiatives in the various vision programs, following them up, and supervising their implementation upon approval.

Objectives of the Office of the Realization of the Kingdom's Vision 2030

Continuous effective communication with the Vision Realization Office at the Ministry of Education and the relevant authorities in all matters related to the vision programs.

Contribute to preparing initiatives in programs that achieve the vision.

Measuring and submitting performance reports on the initiatives of the vision realization programs of the entities within the university.

Preparing periodic reports on the follow-up of the implementation of the vision realizer programs' initiatives.

Coordination between the sectors and departments of the university with regard to the administrative and financial aspects to organize and facilitate the implementation of the university's initiatives in the programs for achieving the vision.

Follow up the implementation of initiatives in the university's strategic plans related to the Kingdom's 2030 vision.

Developing the website of the Office of Realizing the Kingdom's Vision 2030 on the university website.

Work on preparing and preparing initiatives for programs that achieve the vision.

Follow-up contracts for initiatives and projects of the university's vision realization programs.

Introducing the university’s initiatives in the vision-realizing programs within the university.

Accessing and analyzing local and international news, reports and research related to the Kingdom's Vision 2030.

Initiatives Management Team

Dr.. Fahd bin Moaqil Al-Ali, team manager

Dr.. Tawfiq bin Mohammed Al-Anzi, member

Dr.. Saleh bin Khader Al-Atwi, Member

Dr.. Mohammed bin Majid Al-Belaishi, Member

Dr.. Saad bin Mutlaq Al-Mutairi, Member

Dr.. Ibrahim bin Issa Atwi, member

Dr.. Samir bin Musa Najdi, member

Director of Planning and Budget Department, as a member

Director of Contracts and Procurement Department, as a member

Ibrahim bin Abdul Rahim Al-Sharif, reporter of the team

Approved university initiatives

Contribute to achieving the goals and programs of the Kingdom's 2030 vision.

Participating with the competent committees to achieve the Kingdom's vision 2030.

Spreading the culture of awareness of the Kingdom's 2030 vision within the university.

Providing advice and providing methodologies in strategic planning for the sectors related to the initiative of programs achieving the vision at all levels.

Representing the university in the entities related to the vision.

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