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About the Board

The University Council Secretariat is an executive department that facilitates the tasks of the University Council and provides all administration services and secretarial work for everything related to the Council’s work and in accordance with the Council’s system and with all instructions issued by the higher management, and the Secretariat is linked to the Secretary of the University Council.

Laws and Regulations

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System of the Higher Education Council
Secretariat tasks

Organization Structure

Council members

Minister of Education (Chair)

University President (Vice President)

Secretary of the Higher Education Council (member)

University vice presidents (members)

College Deans (Members)

Deans of Deanships (Members)

Deans of Supporting Deanships (Members)

Administration Staff

His Excellency the Secretary of the University Council

Dr.. Dhaifallah bin Ghadian Hamron / Vice President for Postgraduate Studies and Scientific Research.

Ext: 1404



Secretary of the University Council Secretariat

Mansour bin Ahmed Al Mahfouz

Ext: 1420



Administrative Communications

Abdulaziz bin Salem Al-Atwi

Ext: 1423



Technical support and archiving

Ibrahim bin Ahmed Al-Farhan

Ext: 1422


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  • 014 427 3022
  • 014 427 3022