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Intellectual Awareness

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The Intellectual Awareness Unit at the University of Tabuk is considered an independent legal department supervised by His Excellency the President of the University and is concerned with all religious and intellectual aspects of interest to the university and society, and the development and implementation of programs that address extremist ideas and deviant behaviors, and it was established based on the Noble Royal Decree No. (35391) dated 1/1 9/1435 AH, No. (27526) and dated 6/21/1436 AH approved the media plan to counter the propaganda of perverted ideas among the Saudi youth included in its provisions (the establishment of an "intellectual awareness unit" in all universities).


The University of Tabuk is a pioneering model in achieving intellectual consciousness.


Striving to achieve intellectual building for students, spreading moderate thought to university employees  and members of society, and to prevent and treat intellectual deviations and  enhance their national belonging, by conducting relevant studies and providing programs, events, support, advice and guidance.


1- Proposing  the unit’s  strategic plan  to  achieve intellectual   awareness at the university . 

2- Preparing the technical and administrative  mechanisms  and procedures  to develop the unit’s work .   

3-  Preparing,  implementing and  evaluating  the  annual plan  for the activities  and programs of the  unit .

4- Establishing  the  detailed tasks of  the  unit sections .

5. The provision of  programs of  preventive  and therapeutic  deviations of  intellectual  and behavioral  to the  students of the  university

Unit Manager

Praise be to God alone, and prayers and peace be upon the one after whom there is no prophet, his family and companions, and after:
My visiting brother, my visiting sister:
Welcome to the page of your unity, the intellectual awareness unit at the University of Tabuk, which seeks to promote the Sharia approach in moderation, moderation, belonging and righteous citizenship in accordance with the tolerant principles and foundations of Islam And his great constants, and immunizing the university environment and society from the dangers of intellectual deviations, exaggerations, extremism and wrong behaviors.
The unit also seeks to develop an integrated plan of activities, events and programs that relate to intellectual security issues and enhance national cohesion and the aspirations of the wise leadership, and focus on qualitative preventive initiatives that protect - God Almighty’s permission - from the thought of terrorism, its danger, manifestations and tools, and using all contemporary means and effective methods that achieve security And stability for our beloved country.
The unit also aspires to achieve intellectual leadership in the university environment for safe thinking and proper behavior that loves his religion, his country and its leadership.
Dr.. Nawaf bin Rahil Al Sharari

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