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Follow up the implementation of the strategic plan and the goals approved by the concerned departments and units, evaluate its results, reach the highest levels of job satisfaction, and reach the employee to the utmost levels of loyalty and belonging.


For the administration to be a guide and directed to maintain the integrity of the application of regulations at the university, and it does everything that would ensure the proper conduct of work by achieving the employee's job duties in accordance with the plans and strategies


Watching the system, not the individuals

Focus on reform, not punishment

Transparency in transactions

Justice and equality in applying laws and regulations to everyone

- Work to reduce errors and not repeat them in the future

Unit Manager

The application of regulations, instructions and transparency in transactions are some of the university’s goals through which it seeks to reach the highest levels. It is based on foundations

Any edifice on it

From the edifices of knowledge and knowledge. From this standpoint, the Follow-up Unit, in cooperation with the support deanships, colleges and departments of the university, aims to participate and contribute to its realization.

The unit seeks to enhance the self-control aspect of the university's employees, as the male and female employees, regardless of their jobs and tasks, are the real capital that is proud of

By the university.

The ability of the unit to succeed in achieving its goals and plans depends not only on the extent of the soundness of the various programs and policies, but also on the availability of continuous and appropriate follow-up to them.

In this position, I can only express my heartfelt thanks to His Excellency the Vice President of the University, Dr.

And its employees and its sound directives, and the emphasis on achieving its goals, its elevation and its continuous support for it and its workers, and in conclusion, I ask the Almighty God to pay our steps for good.

And our efforts are crowned to serve everyone

                                                                             Director of the Follow-up Department

                                                      a. Sultan bin Ayed Al-Ahmadi

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