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Entrepreneurship unit

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Create entrepreneurship environment that cultivate creativity and, innovation that built sustainable


Achieving an administrative work model that brings together the public sector and the private sector towards graduating development projects that serve the community

Spreading the entrepreneurship culture in the community through awareness, training and providing the necessary programs.


1- Implementing the university’s initiatives in its second plan, related to establishing a business incubator and supporting entrepreneurship.

  2- Achieving integration of the entrepreneurship ecosystem in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

  3- Creating and providing an "Entrepreneurial Community".

  4- Increasing job opportunities and reducing unemployment through new job opportunities.

  5- Awareness of the role of entrepreneurship and its positive impact on society and the economy.

  6- Converting the ideas of students and beneficiaries into practical projects.

  7- Enhancing the role of intellectual property and its investment impact on entrepreneurial projects.

  8- Diversifying sources of income through guidance towards available opportunities serving the state and the 2030 vision.

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