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Clinical Simulation Unit

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University of Tabuk works toward graduating high-quality healthcare providers, this is why clinical simulation laboratories were established in the Nursing Department of the Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences and the Faculty of medicine since 2012. In 2017, under the vice-rectorate of academic affairs, the Clinical Simulation Unit for Medical Training and Advanced Skills was established and Dr. Abdullah Basnawi was the first General Supervisor. Unity of the efforts of all health colleges helps in creating an efficient unit with vast resources.
The first clinical simulation session was conducted by Dr. Basnawi on MED601 module, sixth year medical students in 2018. Since its establishment, 6 high fidelity manikins have been available with a wide range of task trainers distributed in four wards based on specialty in addition to a virtual pharmacy.
The University of Tabuk Life Support Unit (UTLSU), led by Dr Jay Ablao, is an integral part of our facility. TLSU has been recognized in 2015 by American Heart Association as a certified Basic Life Support (BLS) training Unit.


To be one of the leading Units in simulation training and assessment in the kingdom participating in improving student skills and healthcare provider team performance in Tabuk and the Kingdom enhancing patient outcomes across the health system.


"Providing a distinguished university education to graduate qualified human cadres with knowledge, capabilities and skills to meet the needs of society and development projects in Tabuk according to an excellent administrative educational environment supportive of creative research."


To provide our students with state of the art clinical training and assessment in a safe environment, and to prepare them with knowledge, professional performance, and safety practices, required for appropriate and efficient health care, though the integration of simulation techniques, training technology, and practice assessment.

Unit Manager

Simulation-based education is an integral part of healthcare professionals learning and training. It bridges the gap between theoretical and practical components of the curriculum in a safe controlled teaching environment. University of Tabuk is taking the lead in establishing a clinical simulation unit that serves its mission of graduating highly qualified healthcare providers to service our community. The Clinical Simulation Unit (CSU) positioned in the Medical Center Building and includes two wards on the first floor, four wards in the second floor, one ward on the third floor and. We have medical, surgical, pediatric, gynecology and obstetrics wards. In addition, the University of Tabuk Life Support Unit (UTLSU) has merged with the CSU since its establishment. The UTLSU has been recognized by the American Heart Association and authorized to provide some of the society training courses. The CSU is equipped by high fidelity manikins and advanced audiovisual systems that enable instructors to record all their teaching activities as well as conducting a fully automated objective structured clinical examination (OSCE) for undergraduate and postgraduate programs. Thought the CSU manual, you will be introduced in more details regarding equipment/tasks, policies/procedures, and guidelines.

Welcome to the University of Tabuk, Clinical Simulation Unit.

Dr Badr A. Alsayed, MBBS, MPH
Consultant Pulmonologist
Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine
Faculty of Medicine, University of Tabuk

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