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The nursing sector is one of the most important human health sectors, so the department aims to prepare scientifically and practically qualified cadres that meet the changing health needs to keep pace with the technical and scientific development witnessed by medicine and services. The department seeks to arm the students with the necessary knowledge by studying many relevant specialized and general courses.

Word of The Director

One of the signs of advancement, civilization and renaissance in any country is the development of the educational sector and the health sector, and thanks to God, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has witnessed a clear progress, remarkable development, and a great renaissance in both the education and health sectors. As care has been taken to graduate national competencies in the medical field at the highest level, and in accordance with the latest educational systems. From this point of view, the University College was established as a result of the restructuring of the College of Health Sciences for Girls in Tabuk, and it was administratively, financially and academically attached to the University of Tabuk according to the Higher Education Council Resolution No. Its founding of the University College in Umluj after the approval of the High State by Telegraphic Directive No. 5088 / M B on 7/8/1432 AH and the actual study began in the college in the first semester of the academic year 1430 AH - 1431 AH, in the female section and the Nursing Department falls under it. He is a Bachelor of Nursing. The college seeks to prepare distinguished cadres in the fields of nursing to provide a safe service to our community, and to improve educational, practical and research practices by providing a creative and supportive environment. A distinguished elite of the teaching staff performs the teaching tasks in the department, and the Nursing Department has all the necessary capabilities of classrooms, laboratories equipped with the latest nursing simulation devices, in addition to field application in government hospitals.

And all the department's employees work hard to reach the vision and mission of the department, and then the college and the university, which is the leadership locally, and regional excellence in the fields of nursing education, scientific research and community service. We ask Allah to help and guide.


Nursing department supervisor

Dr. Morad Alkhalila


Excellence in nursing education, scientific research and community service.


To graduate competent nurses who are able to enhance healthcare through high-quality educational standards and innovative research that meet the health needs of the community.


1- Achieving excellence in nursing education through an advanced educational environment that fosters creativity and innovation.

2- Enhancing the capabilities and professional development of faculty members.

3- Achieve national and international accreditation.

4- Establishing a partnership with national and international institutions to enhance nursing education.

5- Conducting research related to health care.

6- ​Providing educational and educational activities in order to promote health and prevent diseases and their complications.

Najwa Mohamed Ahmed Mohamed

​Najwa Mohamed Ahmed Mohamed​

Azza Abdullah Mustafa Ghoneim
Assistant Professor

​​Azza Abdullah Mustafa Ghoneim​

Hanan Hassan El-Ezaby Amer

​Hanan Hassan El-Ezaby Amer​

Aziza Mohamed Abdel Karim Salem
Assistant Professor

​Aziza Mohamed Abdel Karim Salem​

Asmaa Abdulaziz Ahmed Al-Juhani

​Asmaa Abdulaziz Ahmed Al-Juhani​

Asmaa Hamad Abdul Hamid Al-Hubaishi
Nursing technician

​​Asmaa Hamad Abdul Hamid Al-Hubaishi​

  • Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Umluj 48243​

  • 0144565835
  • 0144565835

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