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​​​​Biology is one of the important sciences in our life due to its various applications in various aspects of life. This science is concerned with the study of different living organisms as well as their environments in which they exist and their relationships with each other. In the current era, scientists have been able to make the most of this science. Most of the scientific discoveries that we see are related in one way or another to biology. It was taken into account in the study plan that the curriculum vocabulary is in accordance with the latest scientific information drawn from modern references, and the focus was on gender and not on quantity. The study plan must also be in line with the needs of the labor market, as there are many fields that graduates can join, including, for example, teaching biology in general education, working in universities as teaching assistants, researchers or academic technicians, or working in the Ministry of Agriculture or Livestock and other fields. Other.

Word of The Director

And blessings and peace be upon the most honorable messengers, our master Muhammad, his family and companions, and upon all of them
 It gives me great pleasure to welcome you in my name and on behalf of the faculty members of the Department of Biology. We hope that God Almighty will guide us to carry this message. The mission of the oath is nothing but an extension of the university’s vision and mission, and based on the vision of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 2030, which aims to serve the community and graduate a distinguished batch with high competence and basic skills with a spirit of belonging and high morals and able to meet the requirements of the market Work so that you contribute to the development of society through teaching, supervision, scientific research, and other relevant partnerships. As the study plan presented by the department includes various courses related to zoology and botany in addition to microbiology, taking into account the balance of the theoretical side with the practical side.
In conclusion, I ask God Almighty to teach us what will benefit us, and to benefit us from what He has taught us, for He is Hearing and Responsive.

   Dr. Awatif Mahfouz Abdel Majid


A pioneering ​​​and innovative department in education, scientific research, and the qualification of competencies to serve the community.


The Department of Biology provides excellent opportunities for innovative scientific research and preparing graduates who are scientifically qualified and competent in serving their community.


  1. Meet the needs of the region and the Kingdom of qualified national cadres in the specialization of biology.
  2. Meet the needs of the region and the Kingdom of scientific research and applied studies related to biological sciences and keep up with the latest scientific developments.
  3. Providing scientific and technical services in various fields to the governmental and private sectors.
  4. Providing the best services to the department's employees, including faculty members and assistants, as well as students.
  5. Contributing to community service through various means.
  6. Keeping pace with the scientific development in different fields by obtaining the latest devices and equipment in the fields of biology that depend on accurate technologies.
  7. Contributing to the preservation of the environment by studying pollutants, their impact on living organisms, and means of fighting pollution.​

Dr. Nidal Fahmy
(Associate Professor)

Dr. Nidal Fahmy

Iman Ali Afifi

​Iman Ali Afifi

Emotions of Mahfouz Abdul Majeed
Associate Professor

​​​Emotions of Mahfouz Abdul Majeed​

Suhair Ahmed Al-Kabbashi
Assistant Professor

​​Suhair Ahmed Al-Kabbashi​

Ghada Ahmed Badawy
Assistant Professor

​​Ghada Ahmed Badawy​

Kholoud Khader Al-Zahrani

​Kholoud Khader Al-Zahrani​

Shatha Ali Sharif
Assistant Professor

​​​Shatha Ali Sharif​

Fawzia Salah Marwani

​Fawzia Salah Marwani​

Amna Dakhil Al-Zaydi

​​Amna Dakhil Al-Zaydi​​​

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