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 Content Editor

Praise be to God, Lord of the worlds, and peace and blessings of God be upon the most honorable of the prophets and messengers.


      The Vice Deanship of the University College in Al-Wajh is pleased to welcome you, dear visitor, as this college aims to serve its students, who are expected to be a manufacturer of educational and literary construction in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is hoped that the establishment of the college departments and the organization of its units will contribute to the formation of stable steps and sound visions, starting from choosing The student to the college and admission to one of its specializations and administrative procedures, and the department’s objectives are achieved through the offered courses and various activities during the years of study, leading to graduation, obtaining the appropriate job and contributing to the comprehensive national development.

   What the University College offers in the face is knowledge, through clear goals and stemming from the words of God Almighty: {God raises those who believe among you and those who have acquired knowledge of degrees} (Al-Nisa, 38). The educational and literary construction is the most successful investment, and the most enduring human capital. Through this edifice, God willing, we are expected to cooperate for a literary and educational building to advance society and move towards civilization, giving and production with great skill and sincerity that overcomes obstacles, and we hope that the college will provide distinguished work that participates in building good citizens that contribute to the development of society and the service of religion and the homeland.


 College Vice Dean


     Dr. Yahya Ayed Al-Abd Al-Hadi